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How to deploy the Netconf on the NE router

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Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to introduce how to deploy the Netconf on the NE router.

The Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) is an extensible markup language (XML) based network configuration and management protocol. NETCONF uses a simple remote procedure call (RPC) mechanism to implement communication between a client and a server.

NETCONF provides a method for a network management system (NMS) to remotely manage and monitor devices.

As networks grow in scale and complexity, the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) can no longer meet carriers' network management requirements, especially configuration management requirements. XML-based NETCONF was developed to overcome this limitation.

Below table lists the differences between SNMP and NETCONF.

Table 1-1 Comparison Between SNMP and Netconf




Configuration   management

SNMP does not provide   a lock mechanism to prevent the operations performed by multiple users from   conflicting with each other.

NETCONF provides   a lock mechanism to prevent the operations performed by multiple users from   conflicting with each other.


SNMP requires multiple   interaction processes to query one or more records in a database table.

NETCONF can   directly query system configuration data and supports data filtering.


SNMP is not   readily extensible.

NETCONF is highly   extensible:
  The NETCONF protocol framework uses a hierarchical structure with four   independent layers. Extensions to one layer have little impact on the other   layers.
  XML encoding helps expand NETCONF's management capabilities and   compatibility.


The International   Architecture Board (IAB) released SNMPv2 (enhanced SNMP) in 1996. SNMPv2   provides only limited security improvements over SNMPv1. SNMPv3, released in   2002, provides important security improvements over the previous two versions   but is inextensible. This is because SNMPv3 security parameters are dependent   upon the security model.

NETCONF uses   existing security protocols to ensure network security and is not specific to   any security protocols. NETCONF is more flexible than SNMP in ensuring   security.

Currently there only NE series router support the Netconf connection with U2000.

we can add one new user for the netconf, the design is as below:

Table 1-2 Netconf Design





For the U2000 configuration you can refer to the other chapter, the NE router configuration temaplate is as below:

Table 1-3 NE Router Netconf Configuration Template



local-user u2000admin password cipher U2000@MiFoN

local-user u2000admin user-group manage-ug

local-user u2000admin service-type ssh


ssh user u2000admin

ssh user u2000admin authentication-type password

ssh user u2000admin service-type snetconf

snetconf server enable




If you have any problems, please post them in our Community. We are happy to solve them for you!

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Created Dec 24, 2018 02:59:32

Can you elaborate on the SNMP protocol?
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Created Dec 24, 2018 03:01:08

Like ISO/OSI, NETCONF protocol also adopts a hierarchical structure. Each layer wraps one aspect of the protocol separately and provides related services to the upper layer.
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Created Dec 24, 2018 03:11:21

Currently there only NE series router support the Netconf connection with U2000,can you add more picture?
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Created Dec 24, 2018 03:32:28

In IT's solution, the IP is also important, hope I can learn more the IP in future
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Created Dec 24, 2018 07:55:15

Seems NETCONF has big advantage over SNMP, does the NE40e's NETCONF interface has implemented more functions than SNMP now?
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