How to configure the DNS server address of a Huawei ONT? (Q&A)

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Question: How to configure the DNS server address of a Huawei ONT (HG8045A, HG8240, HG8245, HG8247H)?


1. In most cases, the default user name for logging in to the web page is root, the password is admin and the IP address is However, for security reasons, the default password or IP address may have been changed before delivery. The nameplate prevails. Enter the IP address in the address bar of your browser.

2. Enter the default login account and password on the nameplate on the rear of the ONT and click Login.

3. Click the Network Application tab and then choose DNS Configuration from the navigation tree. In the right pane, configure DNS template, DNS parameters and you can also configure static DNS domain name resolution.

4. Click Apply.

Dns templateIndicates a DNS template. It can be set to DEFAULT, PRIORITY, or INTERNET.
Domain NameIndicates the DNS domain name.
WAN NameIndicates the WAN port of the static DNS configuration.
DNS ServerIndicates the DNS server address.
IP AddressIndicates the IP address resolved by using the static domain name.

Huawei ONT's include:

HG8010, HG8010H, HG8010Z, HG8012H, HG8040, HG8045, HG8045A, HG8045Q, HG8110, HG8240, HG8245, HG8245A, HG8245D, HG8245H, HG8245Q, HG8245Q2, HG8245T, HG8245U, HG8247, HG8247A, HG8247H, HG8247T, HG8310M, HG8311, HG8321, HG8321R, HG8447, HG8540M, HG8546M and so on.

HG8010, HG8010H, HG8010Z, HG8012H, HG8040, HG8110, HG8240, HG8310M, HG8311, HG8321, HG8321R and HG8540M are bridging ONTs and do not support this operation

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How can I set up DNS to work with ? :)
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