How to change the username and password of Huawei ONT's?

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Question: How to change the username and password of Huawei ONT's (HG8010H, HG8010Z, HG8012H, HG8040, HG8045A, HG8240, HG8245, HG8247H)?


Wi-Fi SSID & password

HG8010, HG8010H, HG8010Z, HG8012H, HG8040, HG8110,HG8240, HG8310M, HG8311, HG8321, HG8321R and HG8540M are bridging ONTs and do not have the Wi-Fi function. You need to change the Wi-Fi password on the connected router. For details about how to change the Wi-Fi password, consult the router vendor or the carrier service hotline.

For Huawei ONTs with Wi-Fi functions, such as HG8240, HG8245, HG8045, HG8247H and HG8247, perform the following steps to change the Wi-Fi SSID and password:

1. In most cases, the default user name for logging in to the web page is root, the password is admin and the IP address is However, for security reasons, the default password or IP address may have been changed before delivery. The nameplate prevails. Enter the IP address in the address bar of your browser.

2. Enter the default login account and password on the nameplate on the rear of the ONT and click Login.

3. Click the Advanced Configuration > WLAN tab and choose WLAN Basic Configuration from the navigation tree on the left. In the right pane, configure the basic parameters of the Wi-Fi network and modify the Wi-Fi SSID and password in the text boxes marked in red in the following figure.

How to change the username and password of Huawei ONT's?-2707377-1

4. Click Apply.

Username and password for logging in to the web interface:

For the initial username and password for logging in to the web interface of a Huawei ONT, see the device nameplate. You are advised not to change the username and password.

Huawei ONT's include:

HG8010, HG8010H, HG8010Z, HG8012H, HG8040, HG8045, HG8045A, HG8045Q, HG8110, HG8240, HG8245, HG8245A, HG8245D, HG8245H, HG8245Q, HG8245Q2, HG8245T, HG8245U, HG8247, HG8247A, HG8247H, HG8247T, HG8310M, HG8311, HG8321, HG8321R, HG8447, HG8540M, HG8546M and so on.

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explanations are good enough to understand quick. Thanks for sharing
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user_3087603 发表于 2018-07-26 10:40 explanations are good enough to understand quick. Thanks for sharing
: )
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MVE Created Jul 26, 2018 20:44:00 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

well done and very helpful indeed, thanks
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This is a very good example of WiFi SSID configuration and password in the ONTs; but what happens when you have 500 onts? changing the password manually would be very tiring.
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Useful post
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very helpful
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Does anyone know what the default password for WirelessNet is? My laptop (Linux) refuses to connect via Ethernet cable and I don't know the WirelessNet password.

EDIT: just in case any wants to know, I found in an Arabic post the default password for WirelessNet is eeeeeeee and it actually worked.

So, hopefully one day that will help someone. :)
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