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How Can I Log In to a CE Switch Through a Console Port?

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To configure a device that is powered on for the first time, log in to the device through the console port or Mini USB/Micro USB port.

A main control board (MCB) provides a console port and a Mini USB/Micro USB port. To configure a device, connect the user terminal serial port to the device console port or connect the user terminal USB port to the Mini USB/Micro USB port of the device.


Networking Requirement

After logging in to the switch through the console interface for the first time, perform basic configurations on the switch, set the level of users who remotely log in through VTY0 to VTY4 using Telnet to 3, and configure AAA authentication for the users.

Figure 1-1 Logging in to the switch through the console interface



Pre-configuration Tasks

Before logging in to the switch through the console interface, complete the following tasks:

l   Prepare a console cable.

l   Prepare terminal emulation software on the PC.


If your PC's operating system provides terminal emulation software (like HyperTerminal in Windows 2000), you do not need to install additional terminal simulation software. If the PC runs on an operating system without terminal emulation software, install third-party terminal simulation software on the PC by referring to the user manual or online help. The third-party software SecureCRT is used as an example.


                               Step 1      Use the terminal emulation software to log in to the switch through the console interface.

1.         Connect the DB9 female connector of the console cable delivered with the switch to the 9-pin serial interface on the PC, and connect the RJ45 connector to the console interface on the switch, as shown in Figure 1-2 and Figure 1-3.

Figure 1-2 Connecting the PC to the console interface of the CE12800&12800E

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Figure 1-3 Connecting the PC to the console interface of the CE8800&7800&6800&5800



2.         Start the SecureCRT on the PC, create a connection, select the connected serial interface, and set communication parameters.

a.         Click 20180712144619613003.png to create a connection, as shown in Figure 1-4.

Figure 1-4 Creating a connection



b.         Set the connected interface and communication parameters, as shown in Figure 1-5.

Select the serial interface that is connected to the switch on your PC. For example, on a PC running a Windows OS, you can view interface information in Device Manager.

Communication parameter settings on the terminal emulation software must be the same as the default values on the switch, which are: 9600 bit/s baud rate, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity check, and no flow control.


By default, no flow control mode is configured on the switch. Because RTS/CTS is selected in the software by default, you need to deselect RTS/CTS; otherwise, you cannot enter commands.

Figure 1-5 Setting the connected interface and communication parameters




A PC may have more than one serial interface. Select the interface to which the console cable is connected.

If you modify the serial interface communication parameters on the switch, modify the communication parameters on the PC to ensure that they use the same communication parameter settings, and then set up the connection again.

3.         Press Enter until the following information is displayed to prompt you to set a login password. (The following output is only for reference.)

An initial password is required for the first login via the console. 
Continue to set it? [Y/N]: y   
Set a password and keep it safe! Otherwise you will not be able to login via the console.                                           
Please configure the login password (8-16)
Enter Password: 
Confirm Password:


l  If the authentication password is not configured, you can directly log in to the switch without entering a password. This mode brings security risks. You are advised to configure an authentication password.

l  The password is a string of 8 to 16 case-sensitive characters. It must be a combination of at least two of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and special characters excluding question marks (?) and spaces.

l  The password entered in interactive mode is not displayed on the screen.

You can run commands to configure the switch. Enter a question mark (?) whenever you need help.

                               Step 2      Perform basic configurations on the switch. (This step is mostly used for first login to the switch.)

# Set the system date, time, and time zone.

<HUAWEI> clock timezone BJ add 08:00:00
<HUAWEI> clock datetime 20:10:00 2012-07-26

# Set the switch name and management IP address.

<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] sysname Server
[*HUAWEI] commit
[~Server] interface meth 0/0/0
[*Server-MEth0/0/0] ip address 24
[*Server-MEth0/0/0] quit

# Set the level and authentication mode of Telnet users.

[*Server] undo telnet server disable
[*Server] user-interface vty 0 4
[*Server-ui-vty0-4] user privilege level 3
[*Server-ui-vty0-4] authentication-mode aaa
[*Server-ui-vty0-4] quit
[*Server] aaa
[*Server-aaa] local-user admin1234 password irreversible-cipher Helloworld@6789
[*Server-aaa] local-user admin1234 level 3
[*Server-aaa] local-user admin1234 service-type telnet
[*Server-aaa] commit
[~Server-aaa] quit

                               Step 3      Verify the configuration.

After the configuration is complete, you can remotely log in to the switch from PC2 using Telnet.

Run the following command on the Windows Command Prompt of PC2 to log in to the switch using Telnet.

C:\Windows\System32> telnet

Press Enter, and enter the user name and password in the login window. If authentication succeeds, the command line prompt of the user view is displayed. (The following output is only for reference.)

Info: The max number of VTY users is 21, and the number of current VTY users on line is 1,
 and total number of terminal users online is 1.
      The current login time is 2012-07-26 12:10+08:00.
      First login successfully.


You can also find the answer in Basic Configurations in FAQs.

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