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HCIP-Cloud Computing | Desktop Cloud Overview

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Hello, everyone!

In this post, I want to share with you the desktop cloud.

Advantages of Desktop Cloud

Storing data in the cloud ensures information security.

  • In traditional desktop environments, user data is stored in their PCs and is vulnerable to various forms of network attacks. In desktop cloud environments, data is stored and processed on servers rather than user terminals, preventing data disclosure or loss resulting from an attack on user terminals. 

Maintenance is efficient and automatic.

  • In traditional desktop environments, the failure rate is high, and repairing a PC takes 2-4 hours. In desktop cloud environments, one-click maintenance tools are available, making self-service maintenance more convenient. Each IT engineer can manage more than 2000 virtual desktops. The system automatically monitors resource loads to ensure load balancing among physical servers.

Running applications on the cloud ensures service reliability.

  • In traditional desktop environments, all services and applications are processed on PCs, only delivering 99.5% stability. In desktop cloud environments, all services and applications are processed in data centers, delivering 99.9% service stability and reducing the management and maintenance costs of the office environment.

Seamless switchover facilitates mobile office.

  • In traditional desktop environments, users can access their personalized desktops only by using dedicated devices. The desktop cloud allows users to access their personal computer desktops conveniently.

Noise and power consumption are reduced.

  • Energy-saving, noise-free TCs reduce office noise levels from 50 dB to 10 dB. The total power consumption of a TC and liquid crystal display (LCD) is about 60 W.

    Compared with a conventional PC, this represents a 70% decrease in electricity bills. Reduced power consumption also decreases temperature control costs.

Resources can be shared and repurposed, improving resource utilization.

  • All resources are centralized in a data center, implementing centralized management and control of resources. Resources are flexibly allocated and shared, improving resource utilization. The average CPU utilization of conventional PCs is between 5% and 20%. In contrast, the CPU utilization of cloud data centers running desktop cloud environments is about 60%; a dramatic improvement in resource utilization. 

desktop cloud

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops bring many benefits, including high security. Huawei Desktop Protocol (HDP) for accessing virtual desktops enables remote and encrypted access to data centers, centralized management of external storage devices, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificate authentication

Virtualization also brings the reliability benefits of carrier-class servers and supports multiple data backups. 

End-to-end network Quality of Service (QoS) design reduces the impacts of network latency, and an intelligent scheduling algorithm is employed to achieve load balancing.

In terms of management and maintenance, most of that work can be done remotely through a web portal, and a range of tools and capabilities are provided, including automatic fault diagnosis and restoration, a fault information collection tool, a health check tool, data integrity check, and black box functionality.

Virtualization also makes it possible to integrate voice, video, and email services.

Desktop Cloud for Branch Offices

In addition to having a desktop cloud for headquarters, many enterprises also need to deploy desktop clouds for branch offices, to improve user experience.


  • Lower network costs

  • Continuous services

  • Centralized O&M

desktop cloud

Service resources for branch offices are deployed locally. Local branch offices provide desktop data flows. The network between branch offices and the headquarters transmits only management data, so bandwidth requirements are low. The minimum bandwidth required is 2 Mbit/s, and the latency is less than 50ms. If the desktop cloud is deployed in a centralized manner, high network bandwidth and low latency are required for connecting to the desktop cloud remotely. If video and audio services exist, even higher network bandwidth and lower latency are required. The desktop cloud for branch offices reduces the cost of building remote private networks and provides good VM user experience.

Desktop management software is also deployed in branch offices. If the data center in the headquarters fails or networks between the headquarters and branches are interrupted, users in branch offices can still connect to local virtual desktops. Even if the WAN is disconnected, the VMs to which users have logged in can still run properly and branch services are not interrupted.

An O&M system is deployed at the headquarters to implement centralized operation and management of desktop cloud services in the headquarters and branches.

Desktop Cloud for Enterprise OA

Users in an enterprise handle office work, such as email processing and document editing through desktop clouds, and information security is ensured using various security schemes.


  • Less investment and smooth transition

  • High information security

  • Simple and flexible deployment

Desktop Cloud for Enterprise OA

The desktop cloud system can smoothly connect to enterprises' existing IT systems, allowing enterprises to make the most of their prior investments. For example, an enterprise can use its existing AD system to authenticate desktop users, and users can process IT workflows on the desktop cloud platform. In addition, the desktop cloud can assign IP addresses to virtual desktops using DHCP or resolve desktop cloud domain names using an enterprise's existing DNS server.

The desktop cloud solution uses various authentication and management mechanisms to ensure information security in workplaces.

  • Users can use virtual desktops only after passing the enterprise's AD authentication.

  • The data storage area is divided into red, yellow, and green zones, which are separated from each other. Information in the red zone is top secret under the highest level of strict control. Information in the yellow area is confidential and under a medium level of control. The green zone stores the least confidential information and is accessible by mobile users and from outside the enterprise.

Zone-based security control meets the security management requirements of most enterprises. It is flexible and easy to deploy.

That's all, thanks!

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Thanks for your sharing!
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Cloud desktops are a method of end-user computing in which virtual desktops and applications are hosted on cloud-based resources rather than on-premises corporate data center resources.
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Why Switch to Cloud Desktops?
1. Improved Productivity. With a virtual cloud desktop, users have a consistent desktop performance and aren't dragged down by hardware issues. 

2. Mobile Accessibility & Security. 
3. Easy Migration for Non-Cloud Programs. 
4. Eliminate Capital Expenditures. 
5. Standardize & Streamline Onboarding.

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