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#HCIExcellence: Interview with Fahmeed Akram, HCIE R&S and "Excellent Tutor" Award Winner

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Today in our #HCIExcellence series we have the honor to present a remarkable ICT expert with experience in multiple Networking fields who not only holds the HCIE R&S certification, but is also an outstanding teacher who won the "Excellent tutor" award during the Huawei ICT Competition 2018 Global Final. Let's meet Fahmeed Akram! 

Fahmeed Akram

1.    First of all, can you please share a bit about your professional background?


ICT expert with 10+ years of professional experience of Consultancy, Design, Deployment, teaching in many networking fields like Routing & Switching, Security, WLAN, MPLS, Storage, Video Conference, Safe City and many other fields. Possesses Master degree in Telecommunication Systems.


2.    Why did you choose a technical career?


During my graduation, my area of interest was Networks and this interest is converted into my career.


3.    What do you enjoy the most about your job?


I have multiple roles in my jobs which includes Teaching and Consultancies but I really love my role as a Teacher because this profession really gives me respect which is priceless for me.

HCIE Fahmeed Akram


4.    When did you decide that it’s important to have the HCIE Certification and what was your motivation?


I decided to do Huawei Certifications when I started my career and these certifications have enabled my career advancement in a highly competitive technology marketplace.


5.    What do you think is the best way to prepare for the exams?


The best way to prepare for Huawei Certifications exams is to cover all the topics theoretically and practically.


6.    Is there a tip that you usually offer to your trainees?


Huawei ICT Trainings and Free of cost Huawei Certifications to improve the technical skills and knowledge of my trainees.


HCIE trophy

7.    What is the most challenging part in your opinion?


The most challenging part is to smoothly run the trainings in these pandemic situations of COVID’19.


8.    Do you feel like this Huawei certification has helped you in your career so far? If yes, how?


These certifications have helped out a lot in my career. Initially I have started teaching these certifications after few years then started to work on project design deployment and consultancy projects.

Fahmeed Akram ICT Competition


9.    What do you think are the main benefits this Huawei Certification brings?


These Huawei Certification helps in learning new skills, new technologies which are important to accelerate business performances and to reduce business downtime.


10. Do you plan to obtain more professional certifications in the future?


Yes, I have planned to do HCIE Cloud.


11. Can you share with us a moment or a project when you achieved something you are really proud of?


The moment when I have done HCIE - R&S and the moment when my students won 2nd Position in Huawei ICT Competition 2017, 18 & 19 in Middle east region and also the 2nd position in Global round competition 2018. Furthermore, a proud moment was to win Best instructor award in Middle East countries in 2018.

excellent huawei ict instructor


12. Can you please share your advice for the students and professionals who are interested in taking the HCIE certification exam?


With HCIE-R&S certification students and professional will have deep knowledge about understanding of large networks, including technologies used in complex large and medium-sized networks, and the ability to design various enterprise networks independently and implement those designs using Huawei routing and switching devices.

If you also have a great story to share, we would love to know it! We want to meet Huawei   Certified ICT Experts from all around the world, learn and share their success stories. Still learning for your Certification exam? Our Community is always here to help you, share knowledge and answer your questions!

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best Teacher ever
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MVE Created Aug 9, 2020 15:44:52

Awesome Fahmeed Bhai ... Long way to go.
I had an opportunity to attend one of his training, excellent teacher indeed.
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MVE Author Created Nov 24, 2020 18:39:02

Great job
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Created Nov 25, 2020 02:17:00

Another great interview. Much must have happened in those few years.
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