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In STP, a non-root-bridge switch can have two root ports





    First, to answer this question, we need to remember how is performed the root bridge election and port role selection.

    All bridges on an STP network have a bridge ID composed of two parts.


    When STP starts to work, all bridges send to your neighbors your configuration BPDU and the smallest bridge ID is elected as Root Bridge.


    An STP network has only one Root Bridge, and all other equipment is called non-root.

    After this election, we need to choose the port roles to prevent loops on the network. All ports will receive one of these roles:

-          Designate Port

-          Root Port

-          Alternate Port

    By mastering this process, we can easily answer the question.

    A Root Bridge sends your configuration BPDU through all ports. The ports of a Root Bridge receive the role of Designate Port.

    The Non-root bridges select the port from where receive the configuration BPDU as the Root Port.

    If the Non-root bridge receives Configuration BPDU through more than one port, it promotes the election of the best path, and the port of this path is selected as Root Port.


    With this process on our mind, we see that each non-root bridge has only one root port because the main function of the STP protocol is to ensure that there are no active redundant paths.


    The correct answer is FALSE.


    You can know more about the STP process on the HCIA-Datacom Training Material on this link. - /cert/product-details?certifiedProductId=287&authenticationLevel=CTYPE_CARE_HCIA&technicalField=IIC&version=1.0


    Or on HedEx document with this link




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