【Getting Started】Do You Know These Functions?

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How to create a Post?

How to view and modify Your Profile?

How to view System Notifications and Chats?

How to view Posts and Replies?

How to view Favorites?

How to view Following & Followers?

• How to view your Points?

• How to gain and redeem your Points?


i_f42.gifHow to create a Post?

Method 1:

1. Click the floating icon in the lower right corner of the home page, as shown in the following figure.


2.On the post editing page, click Ask for Help or Sharing to change the post type, and edit the post.


Method 2:

1. On the Forums page, choose a required section.


2. On the section page, click Post on the left, choose the post type Ask for Help or Sharing, and edit the post.


Method 3:

1.  Click your nickname on the top.


2. Click POST and edit a post.


i_f42.gifHow to view and modify Your Profile?

Viewing your profile:

Click your nickname on the top. On the User Center page that is displayed, choose Profile and view the displayed information. Click Edit to modify the profile.



i_f42.gifHow to view System Notifications and Chats?

1. On the User Center page, choose Notifications to view system messages such as Comments & Mentions, Helpful & Subscriptions, and Notices, or choose Chats to view chats.


2.  Click the Notifications or Chats notification icons on the top.


i_f42.gifHow to view Posts and Replies?

On the User Center page, choose Posts to view.


i_f42.gifHow to view Favorites?

On the User Center page, choose Favorites to view the favorite posts, groups, forums, and collections.


i_f42.gifHow to view Following & Followers?

On the User Center page, choose Connections to view the Following and Followers List. You can Follow more friends by clicking the Follow button.


i_f42.gifHow to view your Points?

On the User Center page, choose My Points to view your record of getting points.


i_f42.gifHow to gain and redeem your Points?

Click here:https://forum.huawei.com/enterprise/en/hicoins-and-user-levels-beginners-guide/thread/549163-100289

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Really useful die newbie
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【Getting Started】Do You Know These Functions?-2928551-1very good
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Come on!
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well explained, thanks【Getting Started】Do You Know These Functions?-2930613-1
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Please continue like this! because, such types of clarifications are useful not only for the big players, but also for the more experienced ones.  
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Very well explained.
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