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【Gateway Whiz】SD-WAN Configuration Guide (Dual-hub Networking)

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Hello everyone,

Today I will share with you the SD-WAN configuration guide (Dual-hub Networking).

Customer Introduction

The customer is a top carrier that serves many enterprises. In Figure 1-1, to ensure the communication quality, security, and reliability, the carrier uses MPLS leased lines to provide network services for enterprises so that enterprise branches can communicate with each other and the headquarters and the enterprise can access the Internet.

Figure 1-1 Traditional enterprise network


The traditional enterprise network that is built through MPLS leased lines has the following problems:

  • High network cost

As enterprise services develop rapidly, if all information between enterprise branches and the headquarters and between enterprise branches is transmitted through MPLS leased lines, MPLS links are seriously congested. Although MPLS link bandwidth can be increased to solve this problem, the cost for leasing MPLS leased lines is two or three times higher than the cost for leasing Internet links.

  • Long service provisioning period and complex deployment

As enterprises rapidly develop, they need to frequently add or adjust branch sites. On traditional enterprise networks, deploying MPLS VPN links is complex and takes at least 30 days. Carriers cannot rapidly respond to the requirements.

  • No differentiated services for applications

Enterprises want to provide differentiated services for different applications. For example, voice and video conferences require low latency, low jitter, and real-time transmission, and file access needs to be secure and reliable. Traditional enterprise networks cannot implement application-based differentiated services. All the applications occupy the bandwidth in the same manner, and non-real-time services seriously consume bandwidth of real-time services, which leads to poor user experience.

Requirement Analysis

Table 2-1 describes enterprise customers' pain points. Huawei provides the carrier with Huawei SD-WAN solution to overcome the pain points.

Table 2-1 Enterprise customers' pain points

Pain Point

Implementation Solution

High network cost

The solution uses multiple uplinks. Common services are transmitted through the Internet link, and key services are transmitted through the MPLS link. Using the low-cost Internet link lowers the total cost.

Long service provisioning period and complex deployment

The Agile Controller-Campus uniformly deploys network services and manages enterprises (tenants). The newly deployed enterprise sites are registered with the Agile Controller-Campus through email-based deployment. The Agile Controller-Campus automatically delivers the configuration and provisions services within one hour.

No differentiated services for applications

The solution uses SA technology to identify over 1600 applications and implements fine-grained service control. In addition, the solution provides application-based intelligent path selection to ensure that important services are transmitted on the optimal link.

That is all I want to share with you! Thank you!

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clear and useful document, thanks
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