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[ Gateway Whiz ] Quickly view about HUAWEI AR G3 Series Enterprise Routers White Paper

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Just I wanted to share with YOU Quickly view about HUAWEI AR G3 Series Enterprise Routers White Paper 
White Paper discusses the role of access routers in current and future enterprise WAN networks. Research consisting of an extensive survey on the topic produced the following findings:

1- The access router acts as a critical device for delivering WAN-related services. The ability to quickly add new services, more connections and bandwidth, and increased traffic loads at the access router is important in fostering new business opportunities on the network.  

2- The role of the router in the office branch – which historically has been a forgotten, isolated outpost with rudimentary functionality – is changing. For example, the advent of new video-related services now makes it possible to offer the same business services at the branch as enjoyed at corporate headquarters. In order to benefit from these new services, companies have to employ access routers, which are able to deliver them in a high performance, secure, and manageable manner.  
3- The requirements enterprise customers place on access routers mainly concern performance, high availability, system flexibility and longevity, security, deployment, and management and support. Performance and high availability tend to be the most important criteria. 

4- Sufficient processing power acts as a key enabler of multi-service provisioning by making sure that added services will not adversely impact the quality of current ones.  

5- Nowadays, enterprise customers are well aware of the importance of network security. In the branch environment they employ a wide variety of tools in order to protect themselves from threats and to manage risk. At the same time, it is of great importance to customers that such protection has the least possible impact on performance.  

6- Enterprise customers do not particularly fear making changes to the access router part of their network, since the repercussions of possible failure are local in scope, unlike core router failures. This attitude enables modifications/upgrades to be made in a timely manner and consequently improves branch network performance.  
7- Companies currently looking to upgrade their access routers must make future-proof selections. The ability to easily and painlessly add or remove services without impacting the network is especially important.

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