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FusionCompute Dynamic Resource Adjustment and OVF Template

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Dear All,

Today we will learn about FusionCompute Dynamic Resource Adjustment and OVF Template.

Dynamic Resource Adjustment

Dynamic resource adjustment allows the number of resources used by a VM to be changed without affecting VM services.

Resources that can be adjusted include the following:

  • Number of CPUs, memory size, number of NICs, and number of disks


source Type Offline Adjustment Online Adjustment and
Effective upon Restart
Online Adjustment and
Effective Immediately
CPU Supported Supported Supported in the competition tests
Memory Supported Supported Supported in the competition tests
Common NIC Supported N/A Supported
iNIC Supported Not supported Not supported
Number of disks Supported N/A Supported
Disk size
(used in virtualization
scenarios, and the disk size
can only be increased)
Supported Supported Partially supported 


Dynamic Resource Adjustment Configuration

·        Adjust VM resources on the Hardware tab under VM and Template




OVF Template

Open Virtualization Format (OVF) is a packaging standard introduced by Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) for VM and virtual application (vApp) publishing and deployment. The OVF specification defines two specific ways of grouping files: OVF package and OVA package (OVF in the TAR format). A standard OVF package includes:

One OVF descriptor with extension.ovf. It is an XML file that defines the components of a VM or vApp and the features and resource requirements of each component.

  • Zero or one OVF manifest with

  • Zero or one OVF certificate with extension.cert

  • Zero or more disk image files with extension.vmdk, vhd, or others

  • Zero or more additional resource files with extension.iso

A Huawei OVF template encapsulates only one VM and supports both the OVF and OVA packages.

  • A Huawei OVF package includes:

  • One OVF descriptor with extension.ovf

One or more disk image files with extension.vhd. The file format is the compression format used by Huawei for stream transmission.


Template Importing and Exporting Functions

Support for the HTTP and HTTPS protocols during OVF template importing and exporting.

Users can directly browse and select a local directory during template importing and exporting




Thanks, and regards,

Kashif Ali

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Thanks, dear.
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Great share
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good share... thanks you Eng.
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Thanks for sharing
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Thanks for sharing
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