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FusionCompute Across-CPU VM Live Migration

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Dear All,

Today we are going to learn about FusionCompute Across-CPU VM Live Migration.


Working Principles of VM Live Migration


VM live migration is to migrate a running VM to a specified host on the same site.

Working principles:

  1. Transmits VM configurations and device information to the target host.

  2. Transmits VM memory.

  3. Synchronizes the initial memory and memory defragmentation upon the memory

  4. migration to the target host.

  5. Pauses the original VM and transmits the VM status.

  6. Pauses the VM to be migrated on the original host.

  7. Transmits latest memory changes to the target host.

  8. Resumes the target VM.

  9. Resumes the VM on the target host and stops the VM on the original host

Across-CPU VM Live Migration


Live migration requires that CPUs of the original and target physical servers have the same

features or are compatible with each other. Otherwise, the live migration fails. The Across-CPU

VM Live Migration feature is introduced to resolve the compatibility issue.

Working principles:

Based on the Intel Flex Migration technology, the hypervisor intercepts and modifies CPUID instructions and returns responses. By doing so, the VM cannot sense changes of CPUs in the same cluster. Therefore, the VM can be migrated to any host within the cluster.

Application suggestions:

In the host list, you can view the IMC mode with the highest level supported by each host.

Users can specify the across-CPU migration mode in the cluster configuration or try from the highest to the lowest levels. When a mode level passes the verification, this level is the highest mode level supported by the cluster.

The cluster can only be set to a mode with a lower level. Therefore, the CPU generation support capability between nodes cannot be too high during the cluster planning. Otherwise, the overall performance deteriorates, and resources are wasted.


Across-CPU VM Live Migration Configuration




In the advanced settings of the cluster, an option for enabling the Incompatible Migration Cluster (IMC) is provided.

The following five baselines are supported.

  • Merom

  • Penryn

  • Nehalem

  • Westmere

  • Sandy Bridge

  • Ivy Bridge


Hopefully this will help you to understand live migration.


Kashif Ali

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Good suggestion
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Thanks for your sharing!
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Thanks for sharing
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