[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 04-FusionShpere: Software Downloa

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Issue 04, 2015

[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 04-FusionShpere: Software Downloa-1323413-1


This issue provides the following guidelines on project delivery:

?  Software and Document Downloads

Get lost in the provided software, documents, and application scenarios, and really don't know what to download. Don't worry! The Software and Document Download Guide helps you download all the required software and documents within a few minutes.

?  FusionSphere Software Installation

Provides the video, installation document, and quick start guide to demonstrate the FusionSphere software installation, helping you quickly get started with FusionSphere software installation and handle all errors that may occur.

?        Video: allows you to familiarize yourself with FusionSphere software installation before installing the software.

?        Quick Start Guide: provides graphics-based instructions for you to quickly install FusionSphere in almost 80% basic service scenarios.

?        Installation Document: describes the FusionSphere software installation step by step and provides guidance on how to rectify typical errors.

?  FusionSphere Key Feature Configuration

Describes the configuration of FusionSphere key features, including backup and disaster recovery (DR), virtual private cloud (VPC), and automatic application instance deployment.

Service Provisioning and Migration

l  So many documents and videos available significantly facilitate service provisioning.

l  Huawei FusionSphere host migration service offers a complete set of services for you to perform migration tasks, which takes the lead in the industry.

FusionSphere Software and Document Downloads


[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 04-FusionShpere: Software Downloa-1323413-2

How to Obtain

Software and Document Download Guide

FusionSphere Software Installation


[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 04-FusionShpere: Software Downloa-1323413-3

How to Obtain

FusionCompute Software Installation video             FusionCompute Software Installation

FusionCompute Initial Configuration Guide

FusionManager Software Installation video             FusionManager Software Installation

FusionSphere Software Installation Guide              FusionSphere Quick Start

FusionSphere Key Feature Configuration


[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 04-FusionShpere: Software Downloa-1323413-4 

How to Obtain

FusionSphere DR and Backup User Guide                                                                

FusionManager Feature Guide

Service Provisioning and Migration


[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 04-FusionShpere: Software Downloa-1323413-5

How to Obtain

Service provisioning on FusionCompute: FusionCompute Virtual Machine Management Guide

Service provisioning on FusionManager: FusionManager Service Provisioning Video   FusionManager Rapid Service Provisioning

FusionManager Administrator Guide  FusionManager Tenant Guide


FusionSphere Service Migration:  FusionSphere Service Migration[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 04-FusionShpere: Software Downloa-1323413-6

Links to Previous Issues

[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 01-Information Self-Service Platform, Community, and Tools

[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 02-FusionSphere Integration Design Suites, Toolsand POC Test Suites

[FusionCloud Serviceability Achievemets] Issue 03-FusionAccess Integration Design Suites, ToolsBest Practice and POC Test Suites

Issue 01: FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform, Enterprise Support Community, and FusionCloud Tools

About This Publication

IT Cloud Computing Serviceability Achievements is intended for frontline engineers. This publication is prepared by Huawei headquarters service engineers in cooperation with R&D engineers and delivers after-sales materials about Huawei cloud computing products, including FusionSphere, FusionCube, and FusionAccess.

This publication helps improve your skills in delivering and maintaining cloud computing products. If you have any suggestions and comments, contact us at:

l  zhaobaoming@huawei.com (for cloud computing service issues)

l  grace.liyu@huawei.com (for cloud computing documentation issues)

l  jayson.zheng@huawei.com (for cloud computing maintenance issues)

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