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FusionCloud Desktop Security Solution

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Dear All today we are going to discuss about FusionCloud Desktop Security Solution


FusionCloud Desktop Security Solution


Below Is the high level of overview of FusionCloud Desktop Security



 Terminal access security

·        Only TCs that pass identity authentication can connect to the desktop network.




  •  After power-on, the TC obtains the IP address and registers with the TCM.

  • The TC checks whether it has a certificate.

  • The TC applies for a certificate from the TCM.

  • The TCM applies for a certificate from CA based on information obtained from the TC.

  • CA issues the signed certificate to the TCM.

  • The TCM issues the certificate to the TC.

  • The TC goes to the switch for EAP-TLS 802.1 authentication.

  • The switch forwards authentication information to the AAA server for processing based on the RADIUS protocol.

  • Implements WI login authentication.

  • Implements AD authentication for VM login.

Restricted TC Access




  • Restricted TC access: Binding relationships are established between TCs' MAC addresses/MAC address groups and domain users/domain user groups, so that domain users/domain group members can access desktops from restricted TCs or TC groups. The restricted TC access feature can be used with any WI authentication mode.

  • Specified IP segment access: Access permissions can be configured for clients' IP segments. In this way, users can only access virtual desktops using specified IP segments including IP addresses and subnet masks.

  • Application scenario: The restricted TC access feature applies to scenarios in which high information security is required and users can access virtual desktops that contain sensitive information only from restricted TCs.


Security-enhanced TCs




Centralized data management and no data running on terminals




  • Operating systems, applications, and data are locally deployed on terminals. Terminals are easy to encounter virus attacks and malicious steal.

  • Desktops and data are separated from terminals and data centers and are centrally stored and processed in the background. Only screen refresh information is transmitted to terminals.


Transmission channel encryption preventing interception and data theft




  • Management portal over HTTPS

  • Access transmission channels over the portal are encrypted.

  • HDP over SSL

  • The SSL encryption applies to trusted domains and untrusted domains on the management plane

Peripheral device port control on virtual desktops




  • The HDP protocol independently controls various peripheral channels, ensuring information security.

  • Local USB driver

  • Mappings of local drivers can be disabled.

  • USB device control

  • USB ports can be enabled or disabled


Complete user access authentication







·        Supports various authentication modes, such as the multi-level authentication and two-factor authentication.


Thank you All,

Ksahif Ali

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