Funniest engineering joke ever [Discussion topic]

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What's the funniest engineering joke you've ever heard?

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MVE Created Oct 8, 2019 20:55:17 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

Two bytes meet. The first byte asks, "Are you ill?"
The second byte replies, "No, just feeling a bit off.

Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I'm feeling a connection.

SCSI: System Can’t See It
DOS: Defunct Operating System
PnP: Plug and Pray
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Irina Created Oct 9, 2019 11:01:36
umaryaqub Created Oct 13, 2019 01:54:17
Lol. .  
MVE Created Oct 11, 2019 13:22:44 Helpful(2) Helpful(2)

Managers expectations Funniest engineering joke ever [Discussion topic]-3079761-1
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MVE Created Oct 13, 2019 01:53:58 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Posted by MPatel at 2019-10-11 10:22 Managers expectations
Lol, the reality
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Created Oct 30, 2019 15:28:35 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Funniest engineering joke ever [Discussion topic]-3099768-1Funniest engineering joke ever [Discussion topic]-3099768-2Funniest engineering joke ever [Discussion topic]-3099768-3
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Created Oct 30, 2019 23:27:38 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

She asked for time and distance ... would she want to calculate the speed?
A Psychologist asks an Engineer:
How do you see this glass, half full or half empty?
Well.. what I see is that this glass is twice as big as necessary
PROJECT MANAGER is a person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in one month.
What does one superconductor say to another?
- It's so cold! I can not resist.
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