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Imagine safe, secure, resilient access to your enterprise network and applications for wired or wireless user on any authorized device. Let Huawei bring IT to you:

  • Seamless access for PCs, IP telephony, and mobile devices connected to any network
  • Virtualized networking and IT resources for rapid provisioning and support
  • A fully programmable environment for optimizing access, performance, and IT resources in real time

Huawei’s end-to-end BYOD security protection and life-cycle-aware Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology track every access device, and defend against unauthorized users, software, DDoS threats, and other cyber-attacks.

Trends toward collaboration and wireless devices intensify challenges

Shifting boundaries between organizations, networks, and work groups, and the rapid evolution of mobile devices, put enormous pressure on enterprise IT organizations to keep up with the demand for safe, secure access to systems and applications.

  • Users access networks from anywhere, at anytime 24/7, on almost any device

  • Data security is imperative, yet with more vulnerabilities to manage among devices connected to different networks

  • Traditional IT and networking infrastructures do not allow rapid provisioning and management of resources, access bandwidth, and applications in medium and large-scale, converged network environments

Leveraging global R&D capabilities and experience providing large-scale networking solutions, Huawei created a comprehensive Agile Network architecture, featuring the Agile Controller — an SDN-based software system for managing the complex challenges inherent in true enterprise mobility.

Enter Software-Defined Networking

Huawei Agile Campus Solutions offer breakthrough capabilities to the enterprise, while supporting existing ICT infrastructure.

Fully programmable switching and IP routing, independent of network data

Separation of network management and data planes, combined with the powerful capabilities of Huawei’s Enterprise Network Programmable (ENP) processor technology, lets the enterprise define switching and forwarding behaviors through software; to dynamically manage network performance and reduce the time needed for provisioning new functions and services.

SDN-enabled, unified security and access management

With completely separate data and control planes, security policies and service alerts can be managed with minimal impact to the network and users. The Agile Controller uses Big Data analytics to process structured and unstructured data received from network security boxes, sensors, and cameras, and to respond to alerts, events, and performance issues in real time.

User-centric authentication, access, and dynamic bandwidth

Huawei’s SDN architecture is focused on people, not equipment or devices. User-based authentication and services are provisioned across the entire enterprise, from the headquarters campus to branch locations and remote mobile access points. Access and network performance can be programmed to optimize each user’s experience while, at the same time, conserving precious resources.

What to expect with Enterprise Mobility ICT Solutions from Huawei

  • Best experience for every user on every device: Optimize bandwidth and minimize latency with programmable network services and dynamic, user-based network management
  • Safe, secure, convenient: User-centric access and security policies powered by SDN technologies and Big Data analytics enable large-scale BYOD support on and off campus, worldwide
  • Faster, easier delivery of new services: Support new server-based applications, cloud computing, converged wired and wireless networking, and dynamically allocate network resources through virtualization and super-efficient, programmable management tools
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