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Description : Manages and maintains Enterprise  Support  ; handles questions, complaints, and post deletion requests. Welcome!
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Description : Product Documentation Advisory Committee (PDAC) is an organization that helps members to improve work and study efficiency by improving the quality of product documentation together. <a href="http://support.huawe...
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Description : Get access to and share Huawei Enterprise product information. Engage in discussions with Huawei experts and global members.
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Description : Huawei Certification Group provides a platform of technical exchange for people interested in Huawei certification service, and provides latest news and marketing information. Interactive activities are also held to help...
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Description : The ICT technology online learning platform.
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Description : Communicate with Huawei experts or other Channel partners.
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Description : お客様と販売代理店のエンジニアの方向けに特別に作成したグループです。ここでは、ドキュメントやツールに関する質問を受け付けます。また、ストレージ関連のアフターセールス資料、トレーニング資料、トラブルシューティング事例、およ...
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Description : Mexico GSC
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Description : This group is created for ICT Academy students who want to learn, ICT Academy teachers and also former ICT Academy students who are willing to share their experience.
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Description : Singapore HCIE professional knowledge sharing cycle.
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Description : FusionCloud, FusionCompute,FusionAccess,FusionInsight Case
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Description : The Intelligent Data Knowledge Sharing Group provides a study platform, tool publicity and standardized knowledge for big data developers.
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