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Description : You could raise all your question on your online learning at this forum. Our technical team will provide support on it.
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Description : This is a communication group for Philippine engineers and ICT Academy students, where you can share your ICT experience, questions about Huawei ICT products and technologies, and also the local ICT news and channel info...
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Description : Huawei Middle East Technical Forum, all the members will be able to share Huawei technologies, technical cases and common tools, This is a technology platform open to everyone, welcome to join us!
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Description : Huawei Türkiye Teknik Forumu, Türk mühendislerinin Huawei teknolojilerini, teknik vakaları, ortak araçları ve sınav sertifikasyon  bilgilerini paylaşabilecekleri,ayrıca düzenli olarak yayınlanan ürün kitapçıklarına ve di...
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Description : Manages and maintains Enterprise  Support  ; handles questions, complaints, and post deletion requests. Welcome!
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Description : Huawei Certification Group provides a platform of technical exchange for people interested in Huawei certification service, and provides latest news and marketing information. Interactive activities are also held to help...
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Description : This group is created for ICT Academy students who want to learn, ICT Academy teachers and also former ICT Academy students who are willing to share their experience.
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Description : iKnow changes to WeiKnow! This Group is intended to provide an open communication platform for WeiKnow users. Here, you can learn the latest WeiKnow feature, industry technical hotspots, activity release and accepted use...
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Description : Ascend is an AI computing platform for developers, which enables developers to easily and efficiently write AI applications running on specific hardware devices.
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Description : Pakistan Enterprise Technical Forum aims at helping customer sort out technical queries and engineers building up skills.
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Description : Provide open and convenient communication channels for customers and Huawei frontline engineers who use the DemoCloud platform, deliver the latest developments of the DemoCloud platform in a timely manner, seeks to be ou...
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Description : ...

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