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BAZ's Author Collection
Creator: dragos_v
Welcome to BAZ’s personal Author collection, which contains his most valuable articles written around the areas of IP core/Datacom, Cloud, access (FTTH), transmission and emerging technologies as an Author on the Huawei Enterprise Community. Enjoy the read!
5G & Smartphone user behavior Highlights
BAZ Created: Oct 10, 2021 14:14:52 Post on:Wireless & Microwave...  12  16  1.3K
Docker on Huawei Cloud ECS for containerization Highlights
BAZ Created: Sep 02, 2021 17:57:53 Post on:Cloud & Big Data  10  15  1.1K
IPv6 is inevitable for Next-generation technologies 5G, IoT, Cloud
BAZ Created: Nov 08, 2020 10:11:23 Post on:News & Events  16  13  1.5K
SD-WAN As A Service - New Business Horizon!
BAZ Created: Dec 28, 2020 18:19:39 Post on:Network Manager&SDN...  9  12  1.4K
Transmission Network Reliability Assurance Plan Highlights
BAZ Created: Mar 14, 2021 15:26:16 Post on:Transmission Network  11  15  1.4K
Network Services of Huawei CLOUD... when to use each one?
BAZ Created: Feb 20, 2021 21:01:34 Post on:Cloud & Big Data  12  32  2.2K
Service-driven Networks using Segment Routing
BAZ Created: Dec 18, 2020 20:07:29 Post on:Routing & Switching...  25  31  3.0K
[PTN7900] Layer 3 Loop Detection on iMaster NCE-T
BAZ Created: Feb 26, 2021 17:19:51 Post on:Routing & Switching...  13  19  1.5K
Wi-Fi Off-loading in 5G Driven-Era Highlights
BAZ Created: Jan 19, 2021 18:45:20 Post on:WLAN  19  23  2.0K
Wi-Fi 7: What should we know!
BAZ Created: Mar 25, 2021 20:28:45 Post on:WLAN  17  12  1.4K
​Edge Computing - A cutting edge technology! Highlights
BAZ Created: Apr 29, 2021 18:16:52 Post on:Cloud & Big Data  16  19  4.3K

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