Flexible card BSUF-21 of ME60 can‘t be registered in new version of V600R002C06S

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The Flexible BSU(BSUF-21 , 2 sub slots,with BOM 03053271) of ME60 can't be registered in new version of V600R002C06SPC100.When using command "display device", the information was shown below:
<ME60>display device
MultiserviceEngine 60-8's Device status:
Slot #    Type       Online    Register      Status      Primary  
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1         MSU        Present   Registered    Normal      NA       
2         BSU        Present   Registered    Normal      NA       
3         BSU        Present   Registered    Normal      NA       
4         BSU        Present   Registered    Normal      NA       
5         LPU/SPU    Present   Unregistered  Abnormal    NA

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Alarm Information
From the logfile, we can find the following alarm information:
Nov 10 2012 03:11:09 Connect3 %%01SRM/1/DDRTESTPOWEROFF(l)[0]:LPU5 will be shut off for 1 times, the reason is the board have no communication with the master board at expect time.
Nov 10 2012 03:11:09 Connect3 %%01SRM/3/LPURESET(l)[1]:LPU5 reset, the reason is get offline message, and reset lpu.Handling Process

1. Ask FSE to confirm the BOM code of the board, make sure that the hardware is compatible with the software version, so try to next step.
2. Ask FSE whether the board was used before, FSE told that the board was once inserted to the frame when the software version is still V1R6. This will damage the bootfile of the board.
3. Do the following steps to restore the bootfile:
a).Make sure that the board is powered on, you can these commands to re-powered on the slot:
<ME60>power off slot <slotID>      //should be slot 5
<ME60>power on slot <slotID>       //should be slot 5
b).After the board is powered on, upgrade all the boot files below, please be noted that it may take time: (make sure the <slot> should be slot 5)
[ME60] diagnose
[ME60-diag] upgrade lpu by-testbus <slot> startup lpu_bootload lpuf-20 fadf   (about 20mins)
[ME60-diag] upgrade lpu by-testbus <slot> startup lpu_epld lpuf-20 fadf       (about 3mins)
[ME60-diag] upgrade lpu by-testbus <slot> startup lpu_bootrom lpuf-20 fadf    (about 15mins)
[ME60-diag] upgrade lpu by-testbus <slot> startup mbus_epld lpuf-20 fadf     (about 3mins)
c).After all these done, wait about another five minutes for the board registering. Use display device to check it and it was registered.Root Cause

The BSUF-21 board was supported in ME60 after V6R2, so if it was inserted to frame with software version V1R5 or V1R6 before, the boot file of the LPU will be damaged.  When the software is upgraded to V6R2, need to restore the boot file to make it registered.Solution

The BSUF-21 board is supported with the version V6R2 and later, should not be inserted to the frame when in lower version. If do so, will damage the bootfile, and need restore it under engineer's guide.
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