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[FI Components] FTP-Server

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Hi everyone,

I believe you can learn FTP-Server from my post.

FTP-Server is a pure java File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Service based on the existing open FTP protocol. FTP-Server supports FTP and FTP over SSL (FTPS). Each FTP-Server service supports port and passive data transmission modes. You can perform operations, such as uploading or downloading files, viewing, creating, or deleting directories, and modifying file access permissions, on the Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) through an FTP client.

- Supports FTPS. FTPS-based data transmission is encrypted to ensure security.

- FTP has security risks. It is recommended that FTPS be used.

- Supports port and passive data transmission modes.

- Performs user authentication by using the Kerberos authentication service provided by a cluster.


The FTP-Server service consists of multiple FTP-Server processes or FTPS-Server processes.

The FTP-Server service can be deployed on multiple nodes, each node has only one FTP-Server instance, and each instance has only one FTP-Server process.

Figure FTP-Server structure

FTP Client

Accesses the FTP server to upload and download data. The FTP clients are integrated into service applications.

FTP Servers

FTP-Server provides standard FTP interfaces externally for FTP clients to access the HDFS system, which provides most of the FTP commands. FTP-Server also provides a standard interface for the FTP client to access the HDFS and offers most FTP commands.

The basic FusionInsight HD services implement underlying services of FTP servers. That is, the Kerberos security authentication service implements user management, the HDFS service implements data storage, and the OMS service implements service configuration.

Basic server

The FTP server uses the following basic services:

- Kerberos: implements FTP user management and user login authentication.

- HDFS: implements data storage.

- OMS: configures FTP service parameters and enables or disables FTP services.


This figure shows the FTP-Server data access process.

Figure FTP-Server data access process

1. An FTP client connects to the FTP server using the FTP service IP address and port number.

2. The FTP server uses the information to perform user authentication on the Kerberos module.

3. After the authentication succeeds, the FTP server accesses HDFS and returns the file information to the client.

4. The client uses standard FTP to upload and download files and manage HDFS file directories.


FTP-based communications are not encrypted. Usernames, passwords, and transmitted data are prone to theft. Therefore, adopt FTPS in an untrusted network. FusionInsight HD provides FTP-Server to support basic enterprise and finance applications. FTPS allows data to be encrypted during transmission, effectively preventing information leakage. When the client uses FTPS, only the implicit FTP over TLS encryption mode is supported.

The FTP-Server process of FTP is disabled by default. You can enable it as required on the FTP service configuration window. A connection can be created (using the business IP address) only after the service is restarted.

Each node supports 16 FTP/FTPS (user or client) connections by default. FTPS is recommended to satisfy performance requirements. That is, the command channel is encrypted but the data channel is not encrypted.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about FTP-Server in FI! Thanks!

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Great share
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Appreciate being able to learn more about different concepts.
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Well described post on FTP server, thanks!
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