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[FAQ]What Is Required When I Apply for a CE Series Switch License?

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When applying for a license, you must provide the following information:

  • Authorization ID (LAC), Activation ID, or contact No.

    You can obtain the information from the license authorization certificate.

  • Equipment serial number (ESN). To apply for a license for a stack system, you need to provide ESNs of all member devices.

    The method of obtaining an ESN varies according to the software version:

    • Versions earlier than V100R005C00

      For CE12800 series switches, run the display esn command.
      <HUAWEI> display esn
      ESN of chassis 1 : 21023553380DCCE12808
      For CE7800 series switches, run the display device manufacture-info command.
      <HUAWEI> display device manufacture-info
      Slot       Card   Type               Serial-number            Manu-date
      1          --     CE7850-32Q-EI      210235925010E9000010     2014-09-19
                 FAN1   FAN-40HA-F         210235909610E9000038     2014-09-11
                 FAN2   FAN-40HA-F         210235909610E9000024     2014-09-11
                 PWR1   PAC-600WA-F        2102310PMJD0E9000037     2014-09-09
                 PWR2   PAC-600WA-F        2102310PMJD0E9000010     2014-09-08
    • V100R005C00 and later versions

      For CE12800&CE8800&CE7800&CE6800 series switches, run the display sn license command.
      <HUAWEI> display sn license
      Equipment SN(ESN) for license:
       Chassis 1 ESN: 21023553380DCCE12801

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Created Nov 19, 2016 15:49:13

NOTE:For details about the CE series switch license, including license introduction, common operations, and application procedure, see the CloudEngine Series Switches License Use Guide.
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