FAQ-Network Reliability of NE05E&08E

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Network Reliability

This section describes the technologies that the NE uses to ensure network reliability.
MPLS Tunnel Protection

  • ITU-T G.8131-based 1:1 dual-ended automatic protection switching (APS) provided for path-shared static bidirectional TE tunnels
  • Manual switching of APS groups
  • Forcible switching of APS groups
  • Locking of traffic on the working link of an APS group
  • N:1 (1 ≤ N ≤ 16) TE tunnel protection groups

PW Protection

  • PW redundancy
  • 1:1 PW APS

Bit Error-Triggered Protection Switching

The NE supports bit error-triggered protection switching, which minimizes the impact of bit errors on services.
The function of bit error-triggered protection switching includes interface bit error detection, bit error-triggered Trunk interface protection switching, bit error-triggered section-layer protection switching, and bit error-triggered tunnel protection switching.


The NE provides multiple types of fast reroute (FRR) features. You can deploy FRR as required to improve network reliability.

  • IP FRR

    • IP FRR switching can be completed within 50 ms. It can minimize data loss caused by network failures.
    • IP FRR enables the system to monitor and save the status of LPUs and interfaces in real time and to check the status of interfaces during packet forwarding. When a fault occurs on an interface, the system can rapidly switch traffic to another preset route, thereby increasing the mean time between failures (MTBF) and reducing the number of lost packets.

    LDP FRR switching can be completed within 50 ms.
  • TE FRR

    • TE FRR is an MPLS TE technology used to protect part of a network. TE FRR switching can be completed within 50 ms. It can minimize data loss caused by network failures.
    • TE FRR protects traffic temporarily. When the protected LSP becomes normal or a new LSP is established, traffic is switched back to the protected LSP or the newly established LSP.
    • If an LSP is configured with TE FRR, traffic is switched to the protection link and the LSP ingress node attempts to establish a new LSP when a link or node on the LSP fails.
    • TE FRR can provide link protection or node protection based on protected objects.

    VPN FRR switching can be completed within 50 ms.

Backup of Key Parts

http://support.huawei.com/huaweiconnect/public_sys-resources/icon-note.gif NOTE: Only the NE08E-S6 supports this function.

An NE device can be equipped with one CXP (system control, switching, and timing board) or two CXPs. The CXPs support hot backup. If an NE device is configured with two CXPs, the active CXP works and the standby CXP is in the standby state. The standby CXP cannot be accessed by users, but the active CXP can be accessed by users through the management network interface on the standby CXP. The standby CXP exchanges information (including heartbeat messages and backup data) only with the active CXP.
If the system detects that the active CXP becomes faulty or is reset by a command, the system automatically executes a switchover between the active and standby CXP boards. The switchover time is less than 100 μs. The switchover does not result in phase offsets or interrupt services.
The system supports two types of CXP switchover: automatic switchover and forcible switchover. The automatic switchover is triggered by a critical fault in the active CXP or a reset of the active CXP. The forcible switchover is triggered by a command that is run on the console interface. You can forbid a CXP switchover by running a command on the console interface. After a switchover, the system records log information and notifies the NMS. The switchover cause and the associated operations are recorded in the system diagnosis information base for users to analyze.

Non-Stop Routing (NSR)

http://support.huawei.com/huaweiconnect/public_sys-resources/icon-note.gif NOTE: Only the NE08E-S6 supports this function.

Non-stop routing (NSR) ensures that the control plane of a neighbor does not sense the fault on the control plane of an NE device that has a backup control plane. In this process, the neighbor relationships set up through routing protocols, MPLS, and other protocols for carrying services are not interrupted.
An NE device configured with two CXPs supports NSR. When experiencing a fault, upgrade, or service switchover, the NE device does not need to exchange extended protocol packets with other devices or depend on peer devices for recovery. This masks the device's status changes to the most extent and therefore the peer devices do not sense these changes, eliminating or minimizing the impact of hardware faults on user services.

Load Balancing

  • Load balancing among IPv4 unicast routes
  • Load balancing among VLL tunnels (Tunnels that support load balancing include LSPs, GRE tunnels, and TE tunnels.)
  • Load balancing among L3VPN tunnels (Tunnels that support load balancing include: LSPs, GRE tunnels, and TE tunnels.)
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Hello Team! Does NE05/08 support the CBTS (Class Based Tunnel Selection) MPLS TE? Thank You. 
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