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Failing to configure more Eth-trunks on S12700 switch

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Hello, everyone! Today I want to share with you about the issue that failing to configure more  Eth-trunks on S12700 switch.

Problem Description:


Failing to configure more  Eth-trunks on S12700


Problem Analysis:

1.Run command interface  Eth-trunk104 to create a new Eth-trunk but it failed.


2. Run command display trunk configurationto check the number of the eth-trunks on S12700, we found that there are 128 configured Eth-trunks but when we checked the displayed trunk index-map and we found only 90 eth-trunks have been created.



3.Run command "display wlan-adp trunk brief" in diagnose mode to check the hidetrunk information, there are 38 hidetrunks.


4.  S12700 Eth-trunk source is 128,and 128=90+38, so the trunk source runs out.

NoticeOn the switch used as the WLAN AC, when the X card is deployed at the user side and connects to downstream APs through an inter-card Eth-Trunk, if the X card is used at the network side, the number of used Eth-Trunks cannot reach the value specified by this command and the minimum of used Eth-Trunks may be half of the value specified by this command.


5.We try to run command “assign trunk” to increase the Eth-trunk specifications, but it failed.

We need to run eth-trunk load-balance hash-mode to set the hash mode to advanced


6.  When we try to run “eth-trunk load-balance hash-mode” to set the hash mode to advanced,  the prerequisites is that all of  the  ports on the board need to quit from eth-trunk first.


7. As this is live network, we created RFC for the operation to proceed.

Root Cause:

Eth-trunk resource runs out


Solution Description and Next PLan:

1.      Check if there are some Eth-trunks created but without service,  you can use them rather than create new eth-trunks.

2.      If you want to create more Eth-trunks, we RFC and downtime to operate. For example we need to quit all of the physical ports from the Eth-trunk, and we need to reboot the SVF system and so on.


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Created Sep 16, 2019 01:05:15 Helpful(1) Helpful(1)

I encountered this problem once, and the TAC helped me to solve it. I might figure it out if I had learned your post.
Anyway, thanks for the useful case. @Mohamed_Mostafa
Wish to learn more useful cases from you. :D
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Created Sep 23, 2019 05:55:57 Helpful(0) Helpful(0)

Posted by sim_157 at 2019-09-15 19:05 I encountered this problem once, and the TAC helped me to solve it. I might figure it out if I had l ...
Welcome dear ,, thanks for your comment
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