Failed to Migrate a VM Because No Space Is Left in the Host or Partition

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A VM fails to be upgraded. The fault description indicates that an internal system exception occurs and asks you to contact technical support engineers.


1.         Log in to the active VRM node and run the psql -U galax vrm command to log in to the database. In tbl_history_task, find the ID of the VM migration task based on the VM ID.


2.         Query VRM logs generated at the fault time and locate the host where the migration task is performed based on taskId. 


3.         Log in to the host, query the NC logs generated at the fault time, and find the cause of the fault based on the task. In this example, the cause is that the destination host domID is empty.


4.         Query the libvirt logs generated at the fault time, or re-execute the migration task and run tailf libvirt.log to view the logs. The following figure shows the root cause of the fault.


5.         In conclusion, the migration fails because no space is left in the root directory of the host or the /var/log partition.


Run the du -sh * command in each directory, delete unnecessary files, and execute the migration task again. You can compare files on the faulty host with those on a normal host to determine which files can be deleted.

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