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Solar Plant: Namibia

Size: 16 X 60KTL

Support: Export Limitation Configuration

Ø  See attached Picture 1

We offered our assistance to the client with export, since this is his first installation with Huawei inverter. All relevant support material was supplied to the Client (User manuals, quick guides, datasheets, and installation videos).

When visiting the site, we noticed that the inverter spacing was according to specification. The overall installation was very neat.

To export power to the grid in Namibia, you will need to get approval from the local power supplier(municipality). This process is very time consuming and may cause a lot of delays. The client opted to go for the export limitation option due to the fact that no special approval is needed.


This Function is available for Smart logger 1000 with version V100R001C00SPC115 or the latest version.

There are two ways of setting up a system for Export limitation, with DO control circuit breaker or without DO control circuit breaker. Please see the diagram below.

Ø  See attached picture 2 and 3


The client opted to go without the DO Circuit Breaker.

Step 1 – Connecting to device

Connecting the inverter:

When logging into a device please make sure that you log in as Advance User. Choose maintenance, then connect to access the page as shown below.

Ø  See attached Picture 4

Search Automatically for inverters,

Ø  See attached Picture 5

The search results will be shown below,

Ø  See attached picture 6

Connecting the Power Meter:

NB!!: the power meter needs to be searched for manually.

§  RS485 parameter settings

              Log in as an Advance user, select setting then click on RS485 to access the Page.

Ø  See attached picture 7

Notes: We could not connect to the meter manually and after our investigation, we were advised that we received a faulty power meter and we had to replace the meter.

§  Setting Power Meter Parameters

Log in as Advance User. Select Settings and then click Power Meter to access the page


Ø  See attached picture 8


§  As soon as the power meter is connected to the smart logger, a 120-ohm resistor must be connected to the RS485 bus of the meter.

§  Manually adding the power meter

Add a power meter manually after correctly setting the RS485 parameters and Power Meter parameters. The power meter can only function after the manual installation is complete.


Ø  See attached picture 9


Step 2 - Configuration Automatic Shutdown in when there is communication interruption with Inverter

Log in as an advance user, select monitoring, select SUN2000, select running Parameters, Select Feature Parameter to access the target page.

Ø  See attached Picture 10


§  Choose the communication interruption duration as required. For multi inverters, the batch configuration can be used.


Step 3 - Setting up the Active Power Change Gradient

The user profile should be Special. Select monitoring and click SUN2000, Select Running Parameter, select power adjustment to access the correct page. If the maximum value of the active power change gradient is 50%/s, set the parameter to the maximum Value%/s. If the maximum value of the active power change gradient is 100%/s, set the parameter to 125%/s.

Ø  See attached Picture 11


Step 4 – Configuring Export Limitation Parameters

Log in as Special User, select settings, Click Export limitation to access the setting page. If the DO switch is not involved, ignore the configuration.

Ø  See attached Picture 12 


§  Parameter Configuration


Ø  See attached Picture 13, 14, 15, 16


Trouble Shooting – Failure to enable Export limitation

Solution – Check that Active Power control is disabled. Log in as Special user, select the setting, click active power control and set active power control to disable.

Ø  See Attached Picture 17

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Thank you for sharing! Very good case

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