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Example of ineffective association between NAQ and static routes(1)

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Fault Symptom

The destination IP specified in an NQA test instance becomes unreachable, but the static route associated with NQA still exists in the AR's routing table without being withdrawn.
[AR1]display nqa history
NQA entry(test, test) history:
Index T/H/P       Response Status       Address         Time                
1    325/1/1       3000ms timeout      2014-02-28 04:13.367
2    326/1/1       3000ms timeout      2014-02-28 04:13.287
3    327/1/1       3000ms timeout      2014-02-28 04:13.367
The static route still exists without being withdrawn.
[AR1]display ip routing-table
Route Flags:

 R - relay, D - download to fib
Routing Tables: Public
         Destinations : 12       Routes : 12      

Destination/Mask    Proto   Pre  Cost      Flags NextHop         Interface  Direct  0    0           D       LoopBack0  Static  60   0          RD      GigabitEthernet0/0/1

Alarm Information


Troubleshooting Procedure

Check that the NQA test result displays no result.
<AR1>display nqa result

NQA entry(test, test) :testflag is active ,testtype is icmp
  1 . Test 461 result   The test is finished
   Send operation times: 2              Receive response times: 0         
   Completion:no result                 RTD OverThresholds number: 0      
   Attempts number:1                    Drop operation number:0           
   Disconnect operation number:0        Operation timeout number:1        
   System busy operation number:0       Connection fail number:0          
   Operation sequence errors number:0   RTT Status errors number:0        
   Destination ip address:                                    
   Min/Max/Average Completion Time: 0/0/0                               
   Sum/Square-Sum  Completion Time: 0/0                                 
   Last Good Probe Time: 2014-02-28 04:13.0
2. Why the destination IP address in the NQA test instance times out but the NQA test result is still no result? Check the NQA configuration:
display current-configuration configuration nqa
nqa test-instance test test
test-type icmp
destination-address ipv4
frequency 5
start now
3. Find that frequency 5 is configured in NQA, indicating that the test frequency is 5s. However, the default probe-count is 3, indicating that each test requires three packets to be sent and the result to be returned.
Therefore, when the destination IP address has been interrupted. Three ping packet detections cannot be completed with the period of 5s. As a result, the NQA test result is no result. The associated route cannot be withdrawn.
4. Change the frequency to 20s or change the probe-count to 1. The NQA test result displays failed, and the associated static route is withdrawn.

Root Cause

A static route associated with NQA is withdrawn only when the NQA test result displays failed. If the display nqa history command output displays timeout, it does not indicate that the NQA test result is failed.

Summary and Suggestions

A static route associated with NQA is withdrawn only when the NQA test result displays failed.


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This post was last edited by xiaomumu at 2018-12-27 01:31. The destination IP specified in the NQA test case is not reachable,Can you explain that in more detail?
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Created Dec 25, 2018 13:50:16

No idea
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