Example for Configuring Voice Services for a Small- or Medium-sized Enterprise

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Applicable products and versions
  • Product

    Among the AR200 series routers, only the AR207Vs and AR207V-Ps support voice features. Among the AR1200 series routers, only the AR1220Vs and AR1220VWs support voice features. To use the voice feature on the AR2200 and AR3200 series routers, you are advised to install the DSP module.

  • Version

    This example applies to versions from V200R001C01 (included) to V200R002C00 (included).

Networking Requirements

As shown in Figure 12-2, an enterprise has POTS users: User A, User B, User C and User D. Where,
  • RouterA functions as a PBX and RouterB functions as a SIP AG.
  • Internal calls of the enterprise are connected through the PBX, and outgoing calls from the enterprise are connected to external users through the AT0 trunk.
  • The carrier allocates the number 56623000 to the enterprise. External users can dial the number 56623000 to query internal extension number. External users can also dial the number 56623000, and then the call is transferred to an internal user.
    522f28dca89d404e94c2b8da28541def NOTE:

    This example uses the voice tone "Please dial the extension number, or dial zero for the operator."

Figure 12-2  Configuring voice services for a small- or medium-sized enterprise


  1. Configure RouterA.

  2. Configure Router B.

  3. Verify the configuration.
    1. When external users dial the number 56623000, they can dial extension numbers to communicate with internal users.
    2. User A, User B, User C and User D can call each other.
    3. User A, User B, User C and User D can make inter-office calls.

Configuration Notes

  • The PBX functions are license controlled. By default, PBX functions are disabled on a device. To use the PBX functions, apply for and purchase the license from the Huawei local office.
  • The country code and area code in China are used as an example.
  • If the user-defined RBT is used, ensure that the RBT file has been made and uploaded/downloaded to the storage media.
  • By default, the AR works in SIP AG mode. Run the service-mode { sipag | pbx } command in the voice view to switch to the other working mode. Clear the SIP AG or PBX configuration before switching the working mode. Restart the router after it switches to the other working mode.
  • When configuring the post-routing number change plan, ensure that the digits to be deleted are call prefixes entered by the user. Run the display voice country-code command to check the default country code and area code before determining the first digit to be deleted. In the command output, N indicates the first digit to be deleted, while M indicates the number of digits to be deleted. In this example, when a user dials the digit 9 before making an outgoing call, then N = 2 (86) 2 (00) 2 (25) 1 = 7 and M = 1 (9). In this equation, 86 is the country code, 00 is the call prefix, 25 is the area code and 9 is the outgoing prefix.
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