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Example for configuring DAD in direct mode on service ports

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Networking requirements

As shown in the figure below, SwitchA and SwitchB set up a stack. It is expected that stack split detection will be performed through idle ports in the stack.

Figure 1-34 DAD in direct mode on a service port 

Configuration roadmap

The configuration roadmap is as follows:

Configure DAD in direct mode on 10GE1/1/0/5 and 10GE2/1/0/5.


1. Configure DAD in direct mode on the interfaces of the stack member switches.

# Configure DAD in direct mode on 10GE1/0/5 and 10GE2/0/5.

<HUAWEI> system-view [~HUAWEI] interface 10ge 1/0/5 [~HUAWEI-10GE1/0/5] dual-active detect mode direct Warning: The interface will block common data packets, except BPDU packets. Continue? [Y/N]: y [*HUAWEI-10GE1/0/5] quit [*HUAWEI] interface 10ge 2/0/5 [*HUAWEI-10GE2/0/5] dual-active detect mode direct Warning: The interface will block common data packets, except BPDU packets. Continue? [Y/N]: y [*HUAWEI-10GE2/0/5] commit [~HUAWEI-10GE2/0/5] return 

Verify the configuration

# Check the DAD configuration on the stack.

<HUAWEI> display dual-active Stack domainID: 10 Dual-active status: Normal Dual-active detect mode: Direct Dual-active detect configuration of MEth: Disable Dual-active direct detect interfaces configured: 10GE1/0/5 up (Physical) up (Protocol) 10 (PeerDomain) 10GE2/0/5 up (Physical) up (Protocol) 10 (PeerDomain) Dual-active relay detect interfaces configured: -- Excluded ports(configurable): -- Excluded ports(can not be configured): 10GE1/0/1 10GE1/0/2 10GE1/0/3 10GE1/0/4 10GE2/0/1 10GE2/0/2 10GE2/0/3 10GE2/0/4 

1. Verify the DAD function.

After the DAD function has been configured:

a) if a stack split occurs, the alarm "DAD_1. hwDadConflictDetect" is generated;

b) if the stack recovers from a split, the alarm "DAD_1. hwDadConflictResume" is generated.

If no service is configured in the stack, simulate a stack split situation to check whether the DAD function is configured successfully.


Do not trigger a stack split when services are running on the stack. Otherwise, services will be affected.

a) Trigger a stack split by disabling all ports with stack cables connected or removing all stack cables.

b) Run the display stack command to check whether the number of stack member switches reduces. If yes, the stack has split.

c) Run the display trapbuffer command to check whether there are DAD alarms.

<HUAWEI> display trapbuffer ...... Aug 15 2016 14:32:35 HUAWEI %%01DAD/1/hwDadConflictDetect(t):CID=0x807f0419-OID=;Dual-active scenario is detected.

d) The preceding operations verify that the DAD function has been configured successfully.

e) Restore the stack by enabling all ports used for stack connections or reconnecting stack cables so that the stack can be set up again.

Configuration files

Stack the configuration file.

# interface 10GE1/0/5 dual-active detect mode direct # interface 10GE2/0/5 dual-active detect mode direct # return 

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