Error Reported for analyse tb_sub_lack_rela_2018082700

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【Problem Description】:

During the execution of analyse tb_sub_lack_rela_2018082700, the following error is reported: failed to create connections inparallel mode for thread 139782957025024

【Problem Analysis】:

1.         Check CN logs.


The log above shows that the pg_hba.conf file of the CN on the host whose IP address is is abnormal.

2.         Check the pg_hba.conf file on the host.


In the file, the customer mistakenly puts the line host all sha256, which specifies narrow security permissions for a network segment, before the line that specifies broader security permissions for the same host IP addresses for cross-cluster authentication. When the former line is read, its setting takes effect and lines containing the same IP addresses after it are all ignored. As a result, the broader security permission settings do not take effect.

【Solution Description】:

l   Change host all sha256 in the file to host all sha256.

l   Move host all sha256 to the line under host all  all  trust.

Note: You are advised to use gs_guc to modify the pg_hba.conf file instead of directly modifying it.

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