Error Reported During Database Connection

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【Problem Description】:

The following connection error is reported: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "carl_user", database "carldb", SSL off

【Applicable Version】

FusionInsight V100R002C70*

FusionInsight V100R002C80*

【Problem Analysis】:

This error message indicates that the server is connected but denies the connection request, for it does not find a matched record in pg_hba.conf.

You need to add the IP address of the host that attempted the connection, the database name, and the username to # IPv4 local connections: in the pg_hba.conf file.

【Solution Description】:

1.         Log in to a LibrA data node.

2.         Run the following command to switch to user omm:

su - omm

3.         Run the following command to configure the environment variables:

source /opt/huawei/Bigdata/mppdb/.mppdbgs_profile

4.         Use gs_guc to add the host IP address to CNs.


host  carldb          carl_user   sha256


gs_guc set -Z coordinator -N all -I all -h "host carldb  carl_user sha256"

Note: For remote connections, use the SHA256 authentication mode.

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