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[Enterprise Networking Documentation] Introduction to Hardware Installation and Highlighted

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Enterprise Networking Hardware Documentation System

-- Switch Hardware Installation and Maintenance Guide

??A Reference for Switch Installation and Maintenance??


The Hardware Installation and Maintenance Guide gives you answers to the following questions:













l How to establish the power distribution system for a switch--------See "Checking the Power Distribution System" in the section "Preparing for Installation"

l How to install a switch--------See sections from "Installation Procedure" to "Powering On a Switch for the First Time"

l How to replace parts of a switch-------See "Maintaining Switches"

l How to handle hardware faults in a switch ?See "Hardware Troubleshooting" 





1. Establishing the power distribution system






The "Checking the Power Distribution System" section provides comprehensive reference for power distribution schemes. This section describes power distribution methods in four scenarios (DC or AC supply , power distribution boxes used or not used), covering power module types, redundancy mode, power cables and circuit breakers used, and cable connection diagrams.












2. Installing a switch




Sections from "Installation Procedure" to "Powering On a Switch for the First Time" give you step-by-step instructions on how to install a switch. These sections illustrate installation procedures with figures, and tell you precautions to take during installation, preparations to make before installation, and items to check after you power on the switch.





3. Replacing hardware components of a switch


   A good understanding of "Maintaining Switches" enables you to avoid risks to your personal safety and services while you are replacing hardware components of a switch. This part provides instructions on how to remove and install hardware components, with key steps illustrated by figures, as well as conditions for replacing components and precautions to take during replacement. You will learn how to replace power modules, fan modules, line cards, MPUs, SFUs, optical modules, and air filters from this part.





4. Troubleshoot hardware faults




  When reading the "Hardware Troubleshooting" section, you can quickly find the content you need by checking "Fault Description". Then "Possible Causes" will tell you why a fault occurs, and "Troubleshooting Procedure" will give you suggestions on problem handling. This part provides troubleshooting guide on common faults such as unexpected card reset, card registration failure, failure to save data in CF/eUSB card, and power module failure.


Link on Support-E


S2700&3700&5700&6700 Switch Hardware Installation and Maintenance Guide


To be released later  

Remarks: The above mentioned improvements are made in the integrated documentation independent of product versions, and have not been added to version-specific manuals.  

Enterprise Network Documentation will provide the latest information for engineers from integrators, agents, and Huawei. We will make all efforts to deliver the most suitable documents to you, whether you are a green hand just stepping your foot in the data communication field or an expert in IP networks. If you have any requirements or suggestions on our documentation, please Contact Us.


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