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eGovernment -- 4. eGovernment Cloud: Shining in West Africa

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Hello everyone,

This post is talking about the eGovernment Cloud in West Africa.

Based on Huawei’s eGovernment cloud, NOSi developed more than 150 websites and 77 types of eGovernment software, covering social security, electronic elections, budget management, distance education and healthcare, and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)for all government departments, schools, hospitals, and state-owned enterprises in Cape Verde. NOSi also provided eGovernment applications and data center hosting services for surrounding countries, including Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, São Tome, and Principe.

Major NOSi eGovernment applications and websites included the following:

Government Resource Integration and Planning Framework (Integrated Government Resource Planning, IGRP)

Financial Information System (SIGOF)

Free Network Access Service (Konekta)

Social Welfare System (SIPS)

Medical Information System (SIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Portal (Porton dinos ilha)

Online Certificate System (Online-Certification)

National System of Identity and Civil Identification (SNIAC)

Land Registration Special Management System

Municipal Information System (MIS)

Student Information Management System

Take the IGRP as an example. Developers can use a variety of pre-integrated application modules and components to quickly build upper-layer application software, improve the efficiency of the government’s public departments, avoid duplicate resource investment, minimize public management costs, and maximize Return On Investment (ROI). With these capabilities, the IGRP earned the title “eGov Software Maker” from NOSi’s President.


Another example is the Medical Information System (SIS). It is a connection module used to manage hospitals, monitor the population status, and improve institutions’ functional capabilities. The SIS manages pharmaceuticals, clinical equipment, materials, laboratory diagnosis, and reservations (analyzing a hospital’s appointment information through the Internet and making schedules for doctors based on the results), and collects statistics on hospitalizations, appointments, and deaths.

Antonio Joaquim Fernandes, NOSi’s President, said, “Huawei provides valuable support for the national data center, data transmission network, and eGovernment construction in Cape Verde. It provides data, voice, and videoconferencing services for government departments and public institutions and delivers an innovative digital platform to help NOSi build an eGovernment platform. Based on the digital platform, we will develop the business center, enterprise incubation center, and training center to build a leading information service platform in Africa for Cape Verde.”

According to the 2017 International Telecommunication Union (ITU) report, the ICT Development Index (IDI) of Cape Verde ranked No. 4 in Africa, far higher than that of coastal countries such as Nigeria, Angola, Gambia, and Mozambique. Under the regional ICT hub strategy of Cape Verde, NOSi has delivered eGovernment applications and services to neighboring countries in West Africa based on its ICT infrastructure and capabilities and attracted government delegations from more than 40 countries.

Currently, every organization, including each government, is in a critical period of digital transformation. Huawei is looking forward to bringing digital to every organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. It is evident that the construction of Cape Verde’s eGovernment cloud is a necessary step for government, education, medical institutions, and enterprises in Cape Verde to enter a smart world. The eGovernment cloud also makes Cape Verde a pearl of digital transformation in the North Atlantic region.



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