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EasyDeploy Use Precautions

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When configuring EasyDeploy, note the following points:

  • The EasyDeploy feature cannot be applied on an IPv6 or VPN network.
  • In the unconfigured device deployment or faulty device replacement scenarios, if you log in to a device to be configured through its console interface, the device stops the EasyDeploy process and starts to operate.
  • In the unconfigured device deployment and faulty device replacement scenarios, EasyDeploy can only run on the service interfaces in the default VLAN.
  • In the unconfigured device deployment scenario, you can decide whether to specify the configuration file based on actual requirements. If the configuration file is not specified and the upgrade system software is specified, you also need to specify the upgrade version number.
  • The option fields or intermediate file method only applies to unconfigured device deployment. The Commander method applies to both deployment and maintenance scenarios and therefore is recommended.
  • The Commander can be located anywhere on a network, as long as reachable routes exist between the Commander and clients. If a client does not have the configuration file, the client must already obtain an IP address.
  • EasyDeploy is mutually exclusive with USB-based deployment, SVF, and web initial login mode.
  • EasyDeploy allows a stack system to act as a client. In this case, the client MAC address is the system MAC address of the stack system, and the client ESN is the ESN of the stack master switch.
  • When the EasyDeploy topology collection function is enabled, the Commander that initiates topology collection will receive a large number of protocol packets if the Network Topology Discovery Protocol (NTDP) needs to collect the topology of more than 200 devices. If the rate of NTDP packets exceeds the default committed access rate (CAR), NTDP packets will be dropped. To prevent packet loss from affecting topology collection, you can run the car (attack defense policy view) command to increase the central processor CAR (CPCAR) of NTDP packets.

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