[Dr.WoW] [No.44] Configuring Role Authorization

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In SSL VPN services, the company administrator can create different "special menus" for different users, achieving access control over Web resources and non-Web resources. On Huawei's firewalls, control over different users' access of multiple resources is completed through role authorization. All users in one role have the same permissions. The role is the bridge that connects users/groups with service resources, and the administrator can add users or groups with the same permissions into a role, and then associate service resources into that role.

Figure 1-1 shows that a role can contain multiple users/resources, and can also be associated with multiple service resource items.

Figure 1-1 Relationship between role and user/user group and resources

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The specific controls that can be linked to these roles are as follows:

l   Service authorization (enable)

Designates the services (such as Web proxy, file sharing, port forwarding and network extension) that users within a role can use.

l   Resource authorization

For the Web proxy, file sharing and port forwarding services, assuming the service has already been enabled, this designates the specific resources that can be accessed. If specific resources are not designated, users within the role will be unable to access any resources.

For the network extension service, assuming the service has already been enabled, user-based security policies can be used to conduct permission control over remote user access to resources. For specifics please see "8.7.2 Configuring a Security Policy in a Network Extension Scenario."

According to the above approach, we've created different roles (usera and master) for ordinary employees and managers, and then designated different resources for them. In this way we can achieve finely granular, role-based resource access control.

Figure 1-2 Configuring role authorization

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After completing the above configuration, ordinary employees and managers will see their own respective resource interface after logging in to the virtual gateway, as shown in Figure 1-3.

Figure 1-3 Resource interfaces after user login

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