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In the last section, I explained the history of firewall development. Firewall functionality has become increasingly robust, and performance increasingly higher, throughout 20+ years of development and evolution. Huawei’s firewalls have likewise run the course of beginning from scratch and becoming stronger through gradual improvements. Over these past 10+ years, Huawei has used bold innovation and continuous breakthroughs to keep its firewalls in the industry vanguard, achieving milestone after milestone, as shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1 Timeline of Huawei’s firewall development

[Dr.WoW] [No.3] Huawei’s Firewall Products at a Glance-1264133-1


I will now go into further detail about Huawei’s firewall products by leading you on a tour of the entire line of Huawei’s firewalls, with a focus on our star products. Hearing (or in this case reading) is nothing, but seeing is everything, so let’s first take a look at the whole family of Huawei firewalls, shown in Figure 1-2.

Figure 1-2 Huawei’s firewalls

[Dr.WoW] [No.3] Huawei’s Firewall Products at a Glance-1264133-2



Huawei has four main lines of firewall products―the USG2000, USG5000, USG6000, and USG9000 series. These series cover low-end, mid-end, and high-end equipment, with broad functionality and models to suit any need, and are thus more than able to satisfy the demands of any network scenario.

Of these, the USG2000 and USG5000 series are UTM products, the USG6000 series are NGFW products, and the USG9000 series are high-end firewall products. Next, I will pick a few representative firewall products to introduce to you.

USG2110 Product Introduction

First for us to look at today is the small USG2110, shown in Figure 1-3. It might look small, but it has strong functionality.

Figure 1-3 USG2110 external view

[Dr.WoW] [No.3] Huawei’s Firewall Products at a Glance-1264133-3

The USG2110 combines firewall, UTM, VPN, routing, wireless (WiFi/3G) and other functions into one box. It is ‘plug and play’, easy to configure, and is a network set-up and connection solution that provides security, flexibility and convenience to clients.

The USG2110 has excellent quality and is inexpensive. It not only allows customers to save on their investment costs, but effectively reduces operating and maintenance costs, and thus is a must-have ‘genie’ for small and medium business, franchises, and SOHO enterprises.

USG6600 Product Introduction

Next is the popular product USG6600, shown in Figure 1-4. A part of the USG6000 product series, the USG6600 is one of Huawei’s products designed to face the next generation of network scenarios: this firewall provides next generation security services based in application layer threat protection, allowing network managers to exercise complete control over the network, and improving oversight, management, and ease of use.

Figure 1-4 USG6600 external view

[Dr.WoW] [No.3] Huawei’s Firewall Products at a Glance-1264133-4


It’s not an exaggeration to say that the USG6600 is extremely popular. The firewall earned placement on the IT CIO Excellence in Product Trustworthiness ranking, an IT 168 Annual Award for Technical Excellence, and several first place finishes in China Network World’s NGFW horizontal evaluations. The USG6600 has also won attention and praise in every area following its release, further proving its popularity.

USG6600’s stand-out features are endless: it has the most accurate application access control, recognizes over 6000 applications, has multiple kinds of user identification technologies, and also offers comprehensive unknown threat protection, the simplest security management, and the best total service performance experience…the list just goes on and on!

USG9500 Product Introduction

The last products to be introduced today are the large USG9500s. These ‘smart giants with big hearts’ belong to the USG9000 series, and are shown in Figure 1-5. As the industry’s first Terabit data center firewalls, the USG9500s have successfully passed industry authority and security assessment organization NSS’s (USA) third party laboratory testing, and have been deemed to be the industry’s fastest firewall!

Figure 1-5 USG9500 external views

[Dr.WoW] [No.3] Huawei’s Firewall Products at a Glance-1264133-5


The USG9500s use of distributed software design and integration of multiple industry leading security technologies has led to their wide deployment in organizations/industries including large data centers and enterprises, education, government, and broadcasting.

Having the strength of Hercules, or the charm of Aphrodite, is all well and good, but speed is what truly makes the world go round. High speed networks are the cornerstone for the cloud computing era, and the USG9500 series offers Huawei’s highest-end firewall products. Created to carry the weight of the cloud computing world, and sturdy and ready for any challenge, these products are capable of easily handling an enormous volume of access requests and data traffic.

Through the above introductions, I’ve led everyone in getting to know several of Huawei’s firewall products. With your appetite now whetted, I’m sure you’d like to see even more of Huawei’s outstanding products, wouldn’t you? In addition to the aforementioned products, Huawei also has many more firewalls. If you’d like to learn more about Huawei’s firewall products, please visit Huawei’s enterprise business website, where I trust you’ll be able to find the information you’re looking for.




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