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Dongfeng Deploys Huawei Desktop Cloud

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Dongfeng Communication Co., a branch of Dongfeng Automobile, is located in Shiyan, Hubei, an area of world-renowned cultural heritage. Over the last 40 years, this company has developed a comprehensive and well-established enterprise communications private network with more than 150,000 switches, over 100,000 fixed phone subscribers and 20,000 Internet users, and almost 300 enterprises accessing the private network. Dongfeng Communication plays an integral role in building the information architecture of the Dongfeng Group.
In recent years, many of Shiyan’s local network operators stopped their services. Dongfeng Communication realized that it needed to transform its business and overhaul its information architecture to keep pace with changing technologies and service offerings.
Branch networks inside the group were not connected, and each branch had independent information and Office Automation (OA) systems, unable to remotely access any branch office network. Efficiency was low, and no unified O&M existed.


The Dongfeng Group had more than 20 branches, each with independent information and OA systems. These branch networks were not connected and ran independently. The entire system’s O&M efficiency was low, and no unified O&M was available.
Many different application systems are installed on various PCs, which were scattered in different branches, creating many security issues.
The Dongfeng Group has tens of thousands of employees working in various environments, such as offices, call centers, and business halls. With so many different types of workplace settings, information security was vulnerable and routine maintenance was difficult to manage.


E2E desktop cloud solution
Huawei deployed its desktop cloud solution in order to centralize all OA systems and support Dongfeng Communication’s various locations. The company built a unified cloud Data Center (DC) and created a unified business management platform. With the unified and centralized management platform, they were able to deploy Thin Clients (TC) in all locations and provide End-to-End (E2E) access from any location to all cloud-based OA and business systems as needed.

Unified and Efficient O&M
Huawei’s extensive experience in cloud data center deployment and support services enabled quick deployment of the new Dongfeng Communication information infrastructure. By deploying OA and other business applications in the centralized cloud data center, O&M tasks are significantly streamlined. In addition, the cloud management software supports unified resource management and increases O&M efficiency, and the factory-installed converged architecture significantly shortens service deployment and rollout time.


  • Unified management and centralized O&M, greatly increasing O&M efficiency

By using Huawei’s desktop cloud solution, unified management and centralized O&M of all applications enable much faster upgrades and problem resolution and, in turn, improves customer satisfaction.

  • E2E security protection measures, meeting information security requirements of the Dongfeng Research Institute

User terminals and data are separated, with all user data stored in the data center. The data is safeguarded by security mechanisms such as access authentication and transmission encryption.

  • Business transformation based on the cloud computing technology

The deployment of the desktop cloud is the first step in Dongfeng Communication’s cloud strategy. Business development is expected to proliferate over the next 10 years thanks to the cloud computing technology provided by Huawei.
“The desktop cloud, as the starting point of cloud computing in our company, lays a foundation for future cloud computing construction. We plan to implement the cloud for the Dongfeng Experimental Primary School and Zhangwan Hospital. After the desktop cloud is deployed, we will construct a bigger data center to provide cloud services for internal use based on the desktop cloud. In the future, the entire group will operate based on the cloud IDC, firmly following our cloud development path.”
 This is what I want to talk about/share with you today, thank you!

— Zhang Zhiqiang, General Manager of Dongfeng Communication

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Created Dec 16, 2016 10:14:59

thanks for your sharing!
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