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Do you know the different between tracert and traceroute

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    Although tracert and traceroute on LINXU are both routing traces, their detection methods and data types are different. By default, traceroute sends a UDP datagram to a port of the destination address (greater than 30,000), and tracert sends an ICMP request to the destination address to echo the packet

    Tracert (trace routing) is a routing trace utility used to determine the path taken by the IP datagram access target. The Tracert command determines the route from one host to other hosts on the network using the IP survival time (TTL) field and the ICMP error message.
    Working principle and process:
    The Tracert diagnostic program determines the routing to the target by responding to the packet by sending the "Internet control message protocol (ICMP)" with different IP lifetime (TTL) values to the target. Each router on the path is required to decrease the TTL on the packet by at least 1 before forwarding the packet. When the TTL on the packet is reduced to 0, the router should send the message "ICMP has timed out" back to the source system.
    Tracert first sends the response packet whose TTL is 1, and increments TTL by 1 in each subsequent sending process until the target response or TTL reaches the maximum value, thus determining the routing. The route is determined by checking the "ICMP timeout" message sent back by the intermediate router. Some routers discard TTL expired packets without asking, something you can't see in the Tracert utility.

The Tracert command prints out the list of proximal router interfaces in the path that returns the "ICMP timeout" message in order. If you use the -d option, the Tracert utility does not query DNS at each IP address

The trace mac command locates a link connectivity fault between the local device and the destination device. The operation is called GMAC trace
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