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display umsg register

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display umsg register


The display umsg register command displays registration information about UTask messages.


display umsg register [ slot slot-id ]


slot slot-idDisplays registration information about UTask messages on a specified slot.-


Diagnostic view

Default Level

3: Management level

Usage Guidelines

The display umsg register command displays registration information about UTask messages for locating problems related to user task running. You can find out the registered module and callback function to reduce the fault scope.


# Display registration information about UTask messages.

<HUAWEI> system-view
[HUAWEI] diagnose
[HUAWEI-diagnose] display umsg register 
TaskId      TaskName      UTaskId      UTaskName      ProcHandle                
    22     NTPT task            3            NTP      VOS_AscToBin              
    19          VRPT            4           IPCT      VOS_AscToBin              
    20          UTSK           22           UTSK      VOS_AscToBin              
    11            IP           33       IP6_ADDR      VOS_AscToBin              
    11            IP           34             ND      VOS_AscToBin              
    11            IP           35       Path_MTU      VOS_AscToBin              
    11            IP           36           GTSM      VOS_AscToBin              
    12          TUNL           37           TUNN      VOS_AscToBin              
    32         L2_PR           39       EOAM-3AH      VOS_AscToBin              
    13       EOAM1AG           40       EOAM-1AG      VOS_AscToBin              
    32         L2_PR           41     EOAM-Y1731      VOS_AscToBin              
    16       L2_RING           42           RRPP      VOS_AscToBin              
    32         L2_PR           43           LACP      VOS_AscToBin              
    23         TNQAC           44         UTNQAC      VOS_AscToBin              
    24        TTNQAS           45         UTNQAS      VOS_AscToBin              
    15           STP           47            STP      VOS_AscToBin              
    27            L2           49       EOAM-MGR      VOS_AscToBin              
    21          HOTT           50           HOTT      VOS_AscToBin              
    29      L2_TRUNK           51          TRUNK      VOS_AscToBin              
    28          L2IF           53           L2IF      VOS_AscToBin              
    30          VRRP           56           VRRP      VOS_AscToBin              
    31           ARP           59            ARP      VOS_AscToBin              
    16       L2_RING           61           ERPS      VOS_AscToBin              
    16       L2_RING           62            SEP      VOS_AscToBin              
    27            L2           64        ERRDOWN      VOS_AscToBin              
    11            IP           66      IP-DETECT      VOS_AscToBin              
    27            L2           67          BPTNL      VOS_AscToBin              
Table 1-16  Description of the display umsg register command output




Task ID


Task name


User task ID


User task name


Callback function

  • x
  • convention:

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display umsg register-2805725-1display umsg register-2805725-2 we can find it in product documentation .....
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