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[Discussion post]Need of Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing

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Need of Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing

The three terms that appears to be same are actually not same but different Layers of IOT,Cloud, fog, and edge computing infrastructures are becoming more common in organizations that rely significantly on data. Organizations can use a variety of computer and data storage resources, including the Industrial Internet of Things, with these systems (IIoT). Although cloud, fog, and edge computing appear to be the same thing, they are different layers of the IIoT. Edge computing in the IIoT allows for processing to be done locally at numerous decision points, decreasing network traffic.


When it comes to Cloud, Fog, and Edge Computing, there is still some ambiguity. Many people feel that technology separates them, whereas in fact, computational approaches are not mutually exclusive and can be employed together.A simple graphical demonstration of the Concepts

fog edge

Now here comes the real interesting point and that is About the architecture and Some pros and cons..

  • Central processing based

  • Fulfils the need for large
    amounts of data to be
    accessed more quickly,
    this demand is ever-
    growing due to cloud


  • Accessed through


  • Extending cloud to the edge of the network
    Decentralized computinany device with computing, storage,
    and network connectivity can be a fog node

  • Fog computing shoves intelligence

  • down to the local area network level of
    network architecture.

  • Fog computing usually work with cloud and Edge  can work without cloud or fog.

  • Edge is limited to smallr number of peripheral


  • Edge computing pushes the intelligence, processing power and communication of an edge gateway or appliance directly into devices like programmable automation controllers


  • Easy to scale

  • Low cost storage

  • Based on Internet driven
    global network on robust TCP/IP protocol

  • Real time data analysis
    Take quick actions
    Sensitive data remains inside the

  • Edge computing simplifies internal communication by means of physically

  • PACs then use edge computing capabilities to determine what data
    should be stored locally or sent to the cloud for further analysis

  • Latency/Response time

  • Bandwidth cost

  • Security

  • Power consumption

  • No offline-mode

  • Sending raw data over
    internet to the cloud
    could have privacy,
    security and legal issues

  • Fog computing relies on many

    links to move data from

    physical asset chain to digital layer and this is a potential point of failure.

  • Less scalable than fog computing

  • Interconnected through proprietary
    networks with custom

    security and
    little interoperability.

  • No cloud-aware

the diffrences are defined but 

Do share your valuable comments and tel us about where are they actually used ?


also share some more advantages and disadvantages to make it more understandable i  will defiantely be adding them in the list.

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Moderator Author Created Jun 17, 2021 22:00:55

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IndianKid Created Jun 17, 2021 22:15:31 (0) (0)
As of now, due to covid , almost 90% of applications are hosted in cloud. Cloud plays key role in our lives now. It has very good future.  
MahMush Reply IndianKid  Created Jun 18, 2021 21:10:44 (0) (0)
Off course cloud has gained remarkable popularity in these days...  
Ayeshaali Created Jun 19, 2021 17:08:29 (0) (0)
Ayeshaali Created Jun 19, 2021 17:08:38 (0) (0)
csk99 Created Jun 20, 2021 08:22:13 (0) (0)
Created Jun 18, 2021 06:05:19

Well explained, thank you for your contribution.
Edge computing is mostly used in Autonomous Vehicles because to make decision the smart car need to process data, the data is no more processed in a traditional cloud computing platform.
Thus this reduce latency.

Fog computing is mostly used in traffic control
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MahMush Created Jun 18, 2021 20:59:55 (0) (0)
Fog computing is also used for real-time analytics that passes data to financial institutions that use real-time data from production networks.

Also edge computing in smart homes too  
MahMush Created Jun 18, 2021 21:00:41 (0) (0)
Thanks for sharing these valuable application of fog and edge computing  
MahMush Created Jun 18, 2021 21:22:06 (0) (0)
@Hey,girl @hussaind @LilStylz237 @alopez @Navin_kay @Peterhof @LucianoNhantumbo @Ihteshamraza @sohaib.ansar @NTan33 @umaryaqub

Can you also share any useful use cases  
zaheernew Created Jun 19, 2021 05:50:18 (0) (0)
csk99 Reply MahMush  Created Jun 19, 2021 08:22:44 (0) (0)
csk99 Reply MahMush  Created Jun 19, 2021 08:23:15 (0) (0)
you're welcome  
MVE Created Jun 18, 2021 13:14:15

Very good thanks for sharing
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MahMush Created Oct 9, 2021 09:19:04 (0) (0)
glad to have your feedback  
Created Jun 18, 2021 13:17:11

[Discussion post]Need of Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing-3978897-1
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MahMush Created Nov 30, 2021 08:04:03 (0) (0)
please share your valuable feedback about the topic  
MVE Created Jun 19, 2021 14:44:40

Interesting read . Thanks for sharing.
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MahMush Created Jun 29, 2021 18:48:44 (0) (0)
Most welcome your informative and relevant comments are always helpful for us to understand things better  
Created Jun 19, 2021 17:08:48

Well Explained
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MahMush Created Jun 25, 2021 20:03:32 (0) (0)
Thank you dear for the valuable feedback  
Created Jun 19, 2021 17:09:00

Thanks for sharing
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MahMush Created Jun 29, 2021 18:49:24 (0) (0)
Thanks dear your informative response is more than welcome  
Created Jun 20, 2021 04:31:29

A great summary. Looking forward to seeing new developments.
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MahMush Created Jun 25, 2021 20:04:18 (0) (0)
Yeah these 3are so important concepts to be explained  
MahMush Created Jun 25, 2021 20:05:37 (0) (0)
You can have a look at the following post for details of Fog Computing  
MVE Author Created Jun 20, 2021 09:17:20

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MahMush Created Jun 20, 2021 13:14:37 (0) (0)
Wow these are awesome and very well crafted thank you for sharing  
csk99 Created Jun 22, 2021 08:11:09 (0) (0)
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