Difference between Huawei SSN1SL64(LS-64.2) with SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) Board

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SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC), also named as SSN4SL6403, 1xSTM-64 Optical Interface Board(P1L1-2D2,LC) is a available in the following functional versions:N4, N3, N2 and N1.

The SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) is a line board, which can be used on the OptiX OSN equipment series to transmit and receive STM-64 optical signals. The SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) converts the received    optical signals into electrical signals and sends the electrical signals to the cross-connect side. In addition, the SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) converts the electrical signals sent from the cross-connect side into optical signals and transmits the optical signals.


The slots valid for the SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) vary with the cross-connect capacity of the subrack. 

When the cross-connect capacity is 200 Gbit/s, the SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) can be installed in slots

5-8 and 11-14 in Huawei OSN3500 subrack.


The feature code of the SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2,LC) indicates the type of optical interface.

The feature code of SSN4SL64(P1L2-2D2) is 03, stand for the type of Optical Interface is P1L1-2D2, that why in some document like Huawei quotation, it also called SSN4SL6403. Following the same rule, Huawei SSN1SL64(LS-64.2) feature code is 04, so it also named SSN1SL6404.

When you looking for a Huawei elder version board (LS-64.2), actually (P1L1-2D2) is completely substitute for it. According to Huawei’s technical guideline, (LS-64.2) is only available on two versions, which is N1 and N2, now all discontinued. Instead, Huawei introduce SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2) into the market. Please find the optical specification comparison between (LS-64.2) and (P1L1-2D2).


Application code



Transmission distance (km)

55 to 80

40 to 80

Type of fiber

Single-mode LC

Single-mode LC

Operating wavelength range (nm)

1530 to 1565

1530 to 1565

Mean launched optical power (dBm)

4 to 7

0 to 4

Receiver sensitivity (dBm)



Minimum overload (dBm)



Minimum extinction ratio (dB)



Dispersion tolerance (ps/nm)



Maximum -20 dB spectral width (nm)



Minimum side mode suppression ratio (dB)



So when you facing a transmission solution between 40~80km, with STM-64 level, may be you currently using SSN1SL64(LS-64.2) and need expansion more directions, but Huawei stopped manufacture SSN1SL64(LS-64.2), then SSN4SL64(P1L1-2D2) is also a right choice.

For new equipment deployment, directly choose (P1L1-2D2) as a recommendation; But if for existing OSN3500 expansion, one thing need to confirm before this substitution, the system version that is. You may meet a problem with new inserted (P1L1-2D2) can’t be recognize by your OSN3500, don’t worry that would be cause by GSCC software version in your OSN3500. In case to avoid with this, please contact with us at info@thunder-link.com, with your existing OSN3500 version, our technical team can verify the compatibility on it.

Our Thunder-link.com, dedicated on distributing Huawei optical transmission equipment globally, with competitive price and fast delivery, we received well reputation from our customers for the past three years. At thunder-link.com, your interests are guaranteed, by original Huawei products, standard one year product warranty, and professional technical services. Any pre-sale or inquires, you can reach us by info@thunder-link.com or sales@thunder-link.com.
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