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Detailed Introduction to SNMP 04 SNMP configuration REPRINT

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Authorized reprint by author zhushigeng (Vinsoney)

II. SNMP Configuration

2.1 SNMPv2c

1. CLI-based Configuration

(1) Enable the SNMP agent service.
[Sysname] snmp-agent
Enable the SNMP agent service. By default, this service is not enabled. Running any command with the parameter snmp-agent enables the SNMP agent service, so this step is optional.

(2) Configure the SNMP version.
[Sysname] snmp-agent sys-info version v2c
Set the SNMP version to v2c. By default, SNMPv3 is enabled.
After SNMPv2c is enabled, the Eudemon supports both SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 since SNMPv3 is enabled by default. In this way, the Eudemon can be monitored and managed by the NMS that uses SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.

(3) (Optional) Configure a customized MIB view.
[Sysname] snmp-agent mib-view {excluded | included} view-name oid-tree
Create a MIB view and specify the MIB objects to be monitored and managed by the NMS. The default MIB view is ViewDefault and its OID is {}.
If there are only a few MIB objects that do not need to be managed by an NMS or you want to remove some MIB objects from an existing MIB view, specify excludedin the command to exclude these MIB objects.
If there are only a few MIB objects that need to be managed by an NMS or you want to add some MIB objects to an existing MIB view, specify includedin the command to add these MIB objects. After the configuration is complete, only these MIB objects can be accessed.

(4) Configure the read-write community name.
[Sysname] snmp-agent community {read | write} [cipher] community-name[acl acl-number | mib-view view-name]
Configure the read-write community name for the device. The community name will be saved in ciphertext in the configuration file. After the community name is configured, if no MIB view is configured, the NMS using this community name has permission to access the ViewDefault by default. The acl keyword can be specified to allow only a specific NMS to manage the device.

(5) (Optional) Configure contact information of the administrator and the device location.
[Sysname] snmp-agent sys-info {contact contact | location location}

2. Configuration Examples

Example 1: Configure SNMPv2c.

<Sysname> system-view
[Sysname] snmp-agent
[Sysname] snmp-agent sys-info version v2c
[Sysname] snmp-agent community read huawei@123
[Sysname] snmp-agent community write huawei@456

Example 2: Specify the NMS that can manage the device.
[Sysname] acl 2001
[Sysname-acl-basic-2001] rule 5 permit source
[Sysname-acl-basic-2001] rule 6 deny source any
[Sysname-acl-basic-2001] quit
[Sysname] snmp-agent community read huawei@123 acl 2001
[Sysname] snmp-agent community write huawei@456 acl 2001

Example 3: Specify accessible MIB views.
# Configure the MIB view.
[Quidway] snmp-agent mib-view included myview iso

# Bind the MIB view to the community name.
[Quidway] snmp-agent community write huawei@456 mib-view myview


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