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Data Write to Elasticsearch Is Slow Due to put-mapping Timeout

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Hello all, 

This post mainly talks about "Data Write to Elasticsearch Is Slow Due to put-mapping Timeout".

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Context and Symptom

The customer reports that data writing to the Elasticsearch on FusionInsight HD is slow.

1. The data writing to an Elasticsearch cluster is slow, and the client reports a write rejection error.

Elasticsearch cluster

2. Check the Elasticsearch run logs. It is found that the cluster times out during the put-mapping operation.

Elasticsearch run logs

Error information: failed to process cluster event (put-mapping) within 30s

Cause Analysis

The possible causes are as follows:

1. The number of indexes and shards is too large.

Indexes are created by day. A large number of indexes are created during data writing, and the number of shards in the cluster has reached 70,000+.

2. This is the most common case when an index is automatically created by writing data.

An index is created automatically when a cluster writes data in bulk mode.

3. The refresh interval for writing a large amount of data is too short.

4. The number of index fields is too large (dozens of or hundreds of fields).

More than 100 fields are written into the index.

According to the feedback information, the possible cases 1, 2, and 4 meet the requirements.

Because there are too many index fields and not all fields are set in the index template, Elasticsearch performs dynamic mapping on data. When a large amount of data is written and new fields are added, a large number of put_mapping operations are performed, causing EsMaster blocking, and the running of the entire Elasticsearch cluster is affected.


1. Control the number of indexes. If the number of indexes created by day is too large, you can create indexes by month. If indexes are created by month, increase the number of index shards. Control the number of shards. The number of shards in a single cluster must be less than 50,000.

2. You are advised to create indexes in advance instead of automatically creating indexes when data is written. (To be improved on the service side)

3. Control the number of fields. (To be improved on the service side based on the actual service requirements)

4. Use dynamic mapping. Because dynamic mapping cannot be disabled due to service requirements. You are advised to use the mapping rules as precisely as possible to prevent violent operations, such as using wildcard characters (*).

Any solutions will be appreciated!

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Admin Created Nov 16, 2021 08:50:18

Thanks for your sharing!
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Created Nov 21, 2021 15:35:44

Excellent solution post!
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