Server fault


If your server is fault, contact Huawei technical support via http: //

Other related questions:
How can we discover the link fault between the quorum server and local storage and between that and remote storage?
On DeviceManager of arrays, alarms of links between arrays and switches will be generated. If you have configured the alarm reporting function, alarms will be reported to the data center management platform through protocols such as SNMP.

Server buzzer alarm sound
Currently server buzzer alarm sounds only make sense for the RH2488 V2: Power supply alarm: one long beep. A long beep usually means that a PSU fault occurs, or that two PSUs are present but only one has AC power input. Please check the power supply status and whether the power cable is connected properly. Backplane alarm: one long beep. If this sound is made, check the power supply and signal. RAID controller card alarm: beep once per second. This alarm usually means a RAID controller card or hard disk exception, for example, hard disk fault, RAID disk offline, RAID degrade, or RAID rebuild.

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