Method for installing server OSs in batches


You can use eSight to install OSs for servers in batches.
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Server boot disk
ServiceCD2.0 is an intelligent boot disk for servers. It provides OS installation and RAID configuration functions. ServiceCD2.0 has the following features: - Provides wizard-based installation of OSs, such as Windows Server, SUSE, Red Hat, and VMware ESXi and installs device drivers based on the hardware detected. - Provides a graphical user interface to help you complete the installation. - Supports configuration of a variety of RAID controller cards through a unified GUI. You can use the boot disk (ServiceCD) delivered with the server to perform the installation. You can also download the iso file of the boot disk (ServiceCD) and perform the installation over remote control. For details about How do I download the iso and install the OS, see:

Quantity of OSs required for installing OSs on multiple Huawei servers
The following rules explain the quantity of OSs required for installing OSs on multiple servers, regardless of the server vendor. If licenses are not involved, an OS can be installed on multiple servers. If licenses are involved, there are three cases: 1. An OS can be installed only on one server. 2. An OS can be installed on multiple servers, but the number of login users is restricted. 3. An OS can be installed for only one CPU. This is usually the case for midrange computers and virtual machines.

Whether OSs are pre-installed on servers before delivery
OSs will be pre-installed only on servers sold as a solution. In other situations, customers can purchase genuine OSs from Huawei.

Installing OS on a server
Use the Huawei Server Compatibility Checker ( to check the OS supported by the server. For details about the OS installation methods (using ServiceCD, DVD-ROM drive, image, and PXE), see OS Installation Guide. For details about the OS installation cases (including centOS, Citrix, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Kylin, Oracle Linux, RedFlag, RedHat, Rocky, Solaris, SUSE, Ubuntu, VMware ESXi, and Windows), see

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