Download address of rack server HBA drivers


Download address of Huawei's rack server HBA drivers:
Qlogic HBA driver
Emulex HBA driver

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Download address of the MZ316 driver
The MZ316 is an intelligent network interface card (iNIC) and has only Linux drivers. The driver package can be obtained under the E9000 Chassis menu. Example Link Log in and obtain the latest version. The preceding link is for reference only.

Reinstall the HBA driver after replacing the HBA
If the driver of the original HBA in the server has been installed, you do not need to reinstall the driver after replacing the HBA with an HBA of the same model.

Where to download the drivers and firmware of server components
For introductions and installation procedures of server component drivers and firmware, see "Installing Drivers and Firmware" in the Huawei Server OS Installation Guide at:|9856522|21782478|19955021|21584147 Server software package checker: Product drivers and firmware release directories: Rack server: E9000: E6000:

Whether FusionCompute includes the FC HBA driver
For non-Huawei storage devices, the FC HBA driver provided by Linux is used. For Huawei storage devices, the FC HBA driver is delivered with FusionCompute.

Default BMC IP address, user name, and password of a rack server
The default IP address and subnet mask of the BMC (iBMC or iMana) for rack servers are as follows: Default IP address: Default subnet mask: The default user name and password of the BMC (iBMC/iMana) are as follows: Default user name: root Default password: Huawei12#$ The default password of iMana for some live network products of earlier versions may be root.

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