Impact of the server when configured with DIMMs of DIFFERENCE frequencies


A server configured with DIMMs of DIFFERENCE frequencies will affect the performance and reliability.

Other related questions:
Requirements for the DIMM models of a server
A server must use DIMMs of the same model and capacity.

Server memory configuration assistant
Huawei Server DIMM Configuration Assistant helps you rapidly determine the DIMM installation sequence based on the server model and number of CPUs and DIMMS configured in the server. You can obtain this tool at: DIMM Configuration Assistant

Whether hardware configuration can be modified for servers
Server components that are in the compatibility list support hardware upgrade and configuration modification.

Minimum number of DIMMs in a two-socket server
A minimum of one DIMM can be installed in a two-socket server.

Whether replacing server DIMMs affects services
Power off the server before you replace DIMMs. When the device is powered off, data in DIMMs will be written into disks and will not get lost. Therefore, DIMM replacement does not affect services nor data.

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