Installation positions of the riser cards in a rack server


A rack server can be configured with only one riser card. For details about the installation position, see "Mainboard Layout" in the user guide of the server you use. Generally, the riser card must be installed in the PCIe slot blow the socket for CPU1.

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Riser card functions
The riser card addresses the problem that functional modules (such as NICs, HBA cards, and graphics cards) cannot be directly installed on the mainboard due to space limits of a chassis (2 U or 4 U). You insert the riser card into a slot (non-standard PCIe slot) on the mainboard. The riser card provides one or multiple standard PCIe slots for installing functional modules. The riser card must be secured to the board by an iron case. Functional modules can be in full-height, half-height, full-length, or half-length.

Whether rack servers provide remote control cards
Huawei rack servers support remote control by using BMC chips but do not provide remote control cards.

Installation position of the eBackup driver
The eBackup driver needs to be installed on all nodes of FusionSphere OpenStack containing the blockstorage-driver, blockstorage-driver-vrmxxx, or blockstorage-driver-kvmxxx (xxx can be 001, 002, or another value) role at the cascaded layer. The eBackup driver communicates with Cinder drivers and eBackup servers.

Powering on a rack server
If the PSUs are installed properly in a rack server but not powered on yet, power on the PSUs. The server will power on with the PSUs. If the PSUs are powered on and the rack server is on standby, you can power on the server using any of the following methods: -Press the power button on the front panel of the server. -Log in to the iBMC CLI, and run the ipmcset -d powerstate -v 1 command. -Log in to the iBMC WebUI, choose Power > Power Control, and click the Power On button.

Rack server documents
Rack server documentation:|9856522|21782478|21782482|9901881&clientWidth=1520&browseTime=1493177342179 RH2265 V2, RH2265H V2, RH2268 V2, and RH2268H V2 are distribution products. To obtain documents of these servers, visit

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