Whether a blade server can be configured with only one switch module


A blade server configured with only one switch module can still ensure network connectivity. However, link redundancy is affected. For more details, see the user guide.

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Installing the OS on a server with one hard disk
If the server is configured with an LSI1064/1068/2308/3008 RAID card, at least two hard disks are required for configuring RAID. If there is only one hard disk, you can install the OS on the hard disk without configuring RAID. If the server is configured with an LSI1078/2208/3108 or SoftRAID, the single disk must be configured with RAID0 before you install the OS.

Will a CE switch generate alarms if it has only one fan module or power module installed
Will a switch generate an alarm if it has only one power module or fan module installed?
If only one power module is installed in a switch, the switch generates power module absence alarms for the idle power slots.
In this case, the switch generates fan module absence alarms for idle fan slots, and fans in the present fan module work at full speed.
  • The CE5800 series supports 1+1 redundancy of power modules and fan modules. A CE5800 switch can work normally with a single power module or fan module installed, but the device reliability degrades in this case.
  • The CE6800 switches support 1+1 redundancy of power modules. A CE6800 chassis uses two FAN-EA series fan modules. Each fan module contains two fans. The four fans in the chassis work in 3+1 backup mode.

Blade server
A server blade is a cost-effective High Availability High Density (HAHD) server designed for high-density computing. It is a server chassis housing multiple thin, module electronic circuit boards, known as server blades. Each blade functions as a system mainboard.

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