What's the ESN format of server


An Equipment Serial Number (ESN) is a string that uniquely identifies a server. An ESN is required when you apply for technical support to Huawei.

As the ESN format by using the example 2102310QPD10F3001263

No. Description
1 Indicates the ESN ID (two digits).
2 Indicates the material identification code (8 characters).
3 Indicates the vendor code (two characters).
4 Indicates the year and month (two characters).
5 Indicates the serial number (six digits).

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What Is the Format of CDRs?
eSpace ECS V200R002C00SPC209 and later version, the system supports to generate text CDR files.

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What is the format of the U1900 CDR?
The U1900 only provides CDRs in binary format. The size of each CDR is 240 bytes. The charging mode and rate are determined by the customer's own charging system. Currently, you can query CDRs on the BMU or through a third-party CDR system. The UC solution opens FTPS interfaces on the CDR server to provide raw call records for third-party systems. For details about the interface format, see the CDR interface document for the corresponding version, such as the eSpace U1900 CDR Interface Document

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