Method of using Huawei PCIe SSD cards


Huawei provides ES3000 PCIe SSD cards.
For details on how to use this card, see the product documentation: ES3000 Documentation

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Rules for installing PCIe cards in single-CPU configuration
If a server has only one CPU, the PCIe card must be installed only in the slot connected to CPU 1.

How about the NVMe PCIe SSD indicators on the RH1288 V3 front panel
Green Indicator Orange Indicator State Description Off Off The NVMe PCIe SSD cannot be detected. Steady green Off The NVMe PCIe SSD is detected and working properly. Blinking green at 2 Hz Off Data access to the NVMe PCIe SSD is in progress. Off Blinking orange at 2 Hz The NVMe PCIe SSD is in the hot swap process. Off Blinking orange at 0.5 Hz The NVMe PCIe SSD completes the hot removal process and is removable. Blinking green or off Steady orange The NVMe PCIe SSD is faulty.

What is the function of the half-height PCIe card in the RH1288 V3
The RH1288 V3 provides one standard PCIe 3.0 x16 half-height half-length slot for a standard PCIe card.

What is the function of the full-height PCIe card in the RH2288 V3
The RH2288 V3 provides one PCIe 3.0 x16 slot for a full-height half-length or full-height 3/4-lenght standard PCIe card.

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